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How to Buy and Sell an NFT


Heritage Auctions sells a wide array of NFT collectibles, from digital art like pieces from Beeple's The Everydays, to the first Emoticon, Dapper Labs' Top Shots, and a CryptoPunk from Larva Labs that sold for $362,500.00. We sell NFTs at public auction via our website, and private treaty sales. Check the auction schedule for upcoming auctions, plus NFTs you can buy now.

NFT Auctions

How to Sell an NFT at Heritage Auctions

We work with artists and creators to offer unique NFTs. We even worked with the creator of the first emoticon to auction an NFT for nearly a quarter million dollars in September 2021. Contact Heritage Auctions to inquire about selling your NFT.

Inquire About Selling

FAQs About Buying NFT Items at Auction

What is the Process for Buying an NFT at Auction?

The bidding and buying process for an NFT is the same as most other lots. Some auctions may be online-only, where others may end in a live auction. However, the winning bidder must take possession of the NFT on the blockchain where it resides digitally. New Heritage Auctions bidders can read this bidding tutorial to get started.

Am I Required to Pay for an NFT with Crypto Currency?

No. Unless otherwise specified, you may pay for your purchase using approved payment methods, including the crypto currencies Heritage Auctions accepts.

When Does Heritage Auctions Sell NFTs?

Depending on the category, Heritage Auctions conducts weekly, monthly and signature auctions, so check the auction schedule or simply search for NFTs for sale at auction.

How Can I Track an NFT I'm Interested In?

You may track lots via the tracking feature on the website. This gives you one location to find everything you're interested in, and even place batch bids.
Learn more about tracking lots.

How Do I Get Notified When a New NFT is For Sale?

Add "NFT" to a new Wantlist, narrow your interest to a particular category such as art or sports, and get an email notification when a new item is offered.
Learn how to create a new Wantlist.

How Do I Take Possession of My NFT?

Heritage Auctions transfers the NFT to the winning bidder via a digital wallet. But instead of sending a dollar amount, the NFT's token ID is sent to the new owner's digital wallet address. The transaction is secure, private and permanent.

Can I Resell an NFT I Won at Auction?

Yes. Like most items won at auction, you may use the Buy Now from Owner and Make Offer to Owner features on our website to set a minimum price and/or accept offers. It's quick and easy, and has lower selling fees than selling at auction. Learn more: What are Make Offer to Owner and Buy Now from Owner?

Where Can I Read More About NFTs?

Read this article by Rhonda Reinhart in Intelligent Collector magazine: NFT Mania -- A look at the past, present and future of the non-fungible token phenomenon.


Examples of NFTs Sold by Heritage Auctions

NFT - Three Works from Beeple The Everydays -- The 2020 Collection

This set of three published individual works from editions of 123, 207 and 271 sold for $250,000.00 in May 2021. " The Everydays " series owes its moniker to a practice Winkelmann began in 2007, when he started posting online a brand-new digital artwork each day. Using political and pop-cultural imagery, the works range from the silly to the shocking. As Winkelmann told The Verge website in 2020: "My goal is to make something that is so weird and so out-there that it makes you just think of questions instead of answers."

About Digital Artist Beeple
Beeple, the alias of Mike Winkelmann, is an American artist who posts digital art every day in a series appropriately titled The Everydays. He is best known for the sale of his collection The Everydays: The First 5000 Days as a non-fungible token (NFT) which went for nearly $70 million at auction. His work often uses political and pop culture imagery and is heavily influenced by science fiction and dystopian themes. Read more and see Beeple art values sold at auction.

NFT of the World's First Emoticons

In September 2021 Heritage Auctions partnered with Professor Scott E. Fahlman, the Carnegie Mellow University computer scientist who first typed the smiley and frowny face emoticons, to auction his original message and first usage of the first emoticons to the winning bidder via NFT. This NFT auction sold for $237,500.00.

CryptoPunk 6503 NFT by Larva Labs

In October 2021 Heritage Auctions sold one of Larva Labs' coveted NFTs minted in 2017. Initially given away for free like all the 10,000 unique, small, digital characters stored on the Ethereum blockchain, CryptoPunk 6503 was sold for $362,500.00 on October 19, 2021.

NBA Top Shot NFTs

NBA Top Shot exploded into the collectibles industry recently, with collectors and investors alike securing NFTs with the biggest names on the hardwood.

In April 2021, Heritage Auctions sold a LeBron James NBA Top Shot that brought in $387,600. This Top Shot captures the moment LeBron glides to the hoop on a breakaway dunk in a nearly exact simulation of Kobe Bryant's famed play from 19 years earlier.

The Moment memorialized comes from a game that LeBron played at Staples on the eve of the burial of Kobe and his daughter. Only a week prior, a helicopter carrying a group of passengers including Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, and seven others crashed, killing all on board.

NFT Auctions