Adams Room (Upper left-end of front-side)

  1. Clear Glass Compote and Clear Glass Pitcher (2 pc.)
  2. Fifteen wall hangings affixed to walls incliding one hand-painted oval Ivory picture (antique), and red enameled pc. of "Christ Raising Lazurus" (antique)
  3. Eight pieces of porcelain on two side tables (16 pc)
  4. Teapot of royal blue; hand painted
  5. Handmade mahogany cupboard (English artisan-unknown); containing (22 pc) pieces of Sterling Silver made by Angela Martina Castro and Pete Acquisto. (2 pieces are antique)
  6. Porcelain large statue of "Musician" hand painted (from France) (antique)
  7. Bisque pedestal in white, house above statue (antique).
  8. Pair of "Dresden" pots - white (antique); containing two metal topiary trees by Patricia Snyder. (4 pc.)
  9. Pair of mahogany "Console" tables (maker unknown)
  10. Porcelain (Chinese) vase of blue and white with people on wood stand (antique) (2 pc.)
  11. Small mahogany round stand with cut glass bowl (antique) - (originally was a salt); stand by: Don Shaw (2 pc.)
  12. Settee in mahogany; upholstered in blue moire fabric (South America)
  13. Two mahogany stools; upholstered in blue moire fabric
  14. "Lyre" table in mahogany (maker unknown)
  15. Pair of "bisque" cherubs; carrying heart-shaped pots on shoulders on black bases (antique)
  16. Pedestal in walnut; houses large porcelain vase with handles in blue and white by Vincent Stapleton (2pc.)
  17. Round ivory/brass frame with hand painted ivory (blue/white) of lady with an angel; French 1880 (antique) (stand 2 pc.)
  18. Gold Ormolu Table-round pedestal base (antique) from England, houses hand-blown colored glass pieces by Francis Whittemore and Frank Albert
  19. Pitcher and bottle of bronze/silver/gold (bottle has lid) items set on "lyre" mahogany table. Pitcher and bottle are antique
  20. Head of lady in sterling silver (has bow in her hair) (antique)
  21. Cherub of sterling silver standing on base (small) (antique)
  22. Three mahogany chairs upholstered in burgundy color fabric-Millie Sobol
  23. Music stand in sterling silver (antique)
  24. Violin in case (lined in blue velvet) by Ken Manning, Canada
  25. Pair of porcelain cherubs in white; one playing flute and one holding dove by Vincent Stapleton (4 pc.)
  26. "Ukelele" made of "Koa Wood" by Ken Manning, Canada
  27. Cello by Ken Manning, Canada
  28. Guitar by Linda Norman
  29. Music stand of cherry wood by Bobbie Schoonmaker & Maggie Urciuoli
  30. Porcelain stalt hand painted by Antonio Borsato, Italy
  31. Small porcelain bust of lady by Antonio Borsato, Italy
  32. Needlepoint rug of 30 mesh hand-woven by Leslie Pinkston in burgundy/gold/beige (120 stitches to inch)
  33. Kettle table by Jeanne Chapman Bartlett
  34. Hepplewhite chair in ivory with stripped seat; painted feather back by William Thomas Whiting (copy of chair called "Eugene" ballroom chair)
  35. Shield back chair with bright yellow seat with design, by Chas Krug
  36. Doll holding her dollie on cherry stand (stand by Emmett Martin). Doll is dressed in purple coat and hat by Irma Park (2 pc.)
  37. Doll in box with burgundy dress by Renee Delaney
  38. Doll in box with green costume with clothes by Renee Delaney
  39. Doll marked "Shirley" in oval blue box. Doll has white pleated dress trimmed in red; made by Renee Delaney
  40. Small boy doll called "Sunday Morning" entirely handmade by Renee Delaney
  41. Ceiling mount-gold plated with hand painted portraits of ladies - G. Mena
  42. Porcelain Vase-blue/gold/white (lady on front); Frank Hanley & Geoffrey Mueno
  43. Doll 'n trunk with pink costume by Renee Delaney
  44. Doll dressed in blue (girl) called "Sunday Doll" by Renee Delaney
  45. Glass pot of crystal flowers (blue and clear) sets on Ormolu table in center (hand blown) (2 pc.)
  46. Blue and white hand-painted plate by Jim Clark
  47. Violin in one-fourth inch scale by David Krupick
  48. One large and one small Russian enameled plates; made in Russia (antique) (2 pc.)
  49. Small "Russian enameling" plate (stands on plate stand); has pointed edges (2 pc.)
  50. Molded pedestal with leaf design and grey veining (antique)
  51. Porcelain vase-blue and white (sets on above pedestal, by Vincent Stapleton)
  52. Adams style table with inlay by Gilbert Mena
  53. Vase stand by Gilbert Mena
  54. Porcelain basket and matching vase in pupleish color, hand turned by Andrea Fabrega (2 pc.)
  55. 14K gold plated light fixture by Scott Hughes
  56. Mahogany chair with blue upholstery and buttons by Ferd & Millie Sobol
  57. Three-piece table centerpiece, including bowl, and two-three candle holders by Jeff Wise, Silversmith in sterling silver (3 pc.)
  58. Large bouquet of flowers by Sandra Henry Wall; vase by Lynn Collins (2pc.)
  59. Bouquet of lilacs in two shades of lavender by Sandra Henry Wall; vase by Francis Whittemore (2pc.)
  60. Wall hanging of "Madonna with Child" enameled (antique)
  61. Hand-blown purple vase and purple candlesticks by Francis Whittemore (3 pc.)
  62. Hand-blown decanter with gold flakes by Francis Whittemore
  63. Sterling silver tea kettle on stand (one piece) (antique)
  64. Cloisonné basket in burgundy and purple color (China)
  65. Round with embossing, sterling silver box (antique)
  66. Large rectangular silver tray (antique)
  67. Tiny, tiny table by Laurel Aspen with (probably world's smallest set of china) by Karen Zorich (one of a kind) (14 pc. China) (plus table-15 pc.)
  68. Sterling silver bowl with gold was inside (antique)
  69. Irregular shape black lacquer base houses, small doll (antique)
  70. Large bouquet of flowers (made of paper) by Sandra Henry Wall in sterling silver salt container (antique) (sets on floor near front); flowers are all white in various varieties (2 pc.)
  71. Pair of sconces (matches light fixture) by Scott Hughes (14K gold-plated)(
  72. Pair of tiny walnut beveled bases for tiny, tiny boy and girl dolls; bases by Ligia Durstenfeld
  73. Petitpoint rug runner in light blue tones with white border center in 40 mesh by Eleanore LaRocco; (160 stitches to inch)
  74. Silver tray (800) oblong with blue tone enameled flowers and Oriental design in center symbol (antique)
  75. French fashion doll with hat and purse in coral costume by Pat Baron
  76. Bisque figure of lady in white (antique)
  77. One large size Russian enameling plate and one smaller in red-blue-white (antique) (2 pc.)
  78. Hand-blown blue glass bottle
  79. Hand-turned ceramic pot by Troy Schmidt (beige/blue)
  80. 3 hand blown glass baskets-3 colors-clear handles (purple, green, blue) broze pot flowers-Robert Olszewski

Art Deco Room (Upper right side of front)

  1. Thirteen wall hangings affixed to wall
  2. Pair of "Abalone" pedestals with jade tops; houses pair of ivory, antique "Musicians"
  3. Tall black/gold trim wood pedestal; houses glass "Castle"
  4. Pair black with old trim 'console' tables with cherry wood tops by Elizabeth McInnis; bases are made of black Lucite
  5. Metal, black desk with decoration; hand painted design by Gale Morris
  6. "Monkey on Back of Tortoise", ivory, hand carved on black base (antique)
  7. Pair of black enameled wood tables by Elizabeth McInnis
  8. Two silver vases; hand enameled from India; one with figures and one aqua color with brown and silver design; both on black oriental stands (4 pc.)
  9. Two-drawer, handmade brass chest with beading around drawers by Dale Johnson
  10. Four-shelf, two-door Japanese lacquered oriental chest (antique)
  11. Pair black chairs with upholstery in white and gold stripe; upholstery by Judee Williamson
  12. Square table made of ebony with apple-coral center, inlayed with Mother-of-Pearl and brass design of moon and stars by Geoffrey Bishop
  13. Three vessels (various sizes) of Wenge wood from Africa on base of various layered woods by Stephen Mark Paulsen (4 pc.)
  14. Three hand blown glass, paperweights (antique, 3 pc.)
  15. Twenty hand turned vases by Laurie O'Halloran; each one of a kinds (23 pc.)
  16. Pot of flowers made of wire and dipped in enameling by Patricia Snyder in hand turned pot (sets on ebony/apple coral table) (2 pc.)
  17. Mother-of-Pearl box (antique)
  18. Cloisonné "Elephant" from China
  19. Porcelain green/white, hand turned basket, green fish vase and greenish, hand turned pot with lid by Andrea Fabrega (3 pc.)
  20. Two walnut boxes with inlay; designs by Don Shaw
  21. Gold plated monkey
  22. Bronze of ram on base
  23. Bronze of fish on base
  24. Unicorn, hand carved in amethyst; one armadillo & swan in pink quartz (3 pc.)
  25. Pink fish, hand carved in rock crystal (2 pc.)
  26. Duck carved in malochite
  27. Duck carved in cornelian
  28. Dog, turtle, and tiger-eye hose (3 pc.)
  29. Two glass swans; one in clear glass and the tiny one in black glass; hand blown by Teeborg Snyder (in Guinness Book of Records for "Smallest Glass Animals")
  30. Petit point in 60 mesh (3600 stitches to inch) silk of 'Dancers' by Sharon Schmeltzle with white frame by Barry Schmeltzle (has stand)
  31. Four Mother-of-Pearl blocks used for bases to put pottery on
  32. Pair hand carved fish out of Agate by Stephen Howard
  33. Two hand carved "White Swans" in wood by Frank Balestrieri; "Trumpter Swan" and one black/white duck
  34. Rabbit carved out of amethyst
  35. Petit point screen of two panels by Sharon Schmeltzle; frame of ebony; each lady has different attire; 60 mesh (3600 stitches to inch)
  36. Lady made of glass (Venus de Milo) on glass vase (antique)
  37. Hand turned black porcelain vase with pink flamingo on top by Laurie O'Halloran
  38. Hand carved duck in coral
  39. Hand carved cat in amber from Germany
  40. Hand turned vase with parrot on top in aqua color by Laurie O'Halloran
  41. Hand turned vase with duck in black/white on top by Laurie O'Halloran
  42. Black enameled chair by Rosemarie Torre; black and aqua upholstery
  43. Ebony chair with beige print seat (3 legged) by Elizabeth McInnis
  44. Black chair (half moon style) by Ian Holoran with aqua blue upholstery
  45. Small inlay table of ebony/walnut by Geoffrey Bishop with black base
  46. Short enameled pink stand with six legs by Ligia Durstenfeld
  47. Hand blown bottle of twisted stripes in blue/white and orange (antique)
  48. Hand carved frog of amber in Bali
  49. Hand carved rabbit of walrus in Bali
  50. Hand carved bear out of turquoise; rests on jade pendent base (2 pc.)
  51. "Bakelite" button used as base for dog (antique)
  52. Penguin hand carved out of amber
  53. Hand carved "Canadian Goose" by Frank Balestrieri (out of wood)
  54. Teapot, creamer and sugar in green with floral design by Rebecca Riley (3 pc.)
  55. Dolphin carved out of lapis stone on lapis base (2 pc.)
  56. Small clear amethyst rabbit on base (2 pc.)
  57. Hand carved and painted lion in ivory (antique)
  58. Life size quail egg painted with penguins in black and white; sets on ceramic ring of black
  59. Sterling silver box (oval) with petit point top (beige background with three blue flowers (antiques)
  60. Art Deco style chair in silver; upholstered in aqua, decorated in pink by Ian Holoran, Scotland
  61. Hand carved owl out of alabaster
  62. Porcelain head of lady of Art Deco period by Jean Pardina; contains beaded hat of that period by Setsu Ueno. Hat contains 7 varieties of beads and took 18 hours from start to finish (3 days). The front of the beaded hat has a white swans. The beads are in sizes from 16° to the smallest 22° (these sizes are approximately 16° beads per 1/2 inch and 22° being a greater number, the smaller the beads) (2 pc.)
  63. Art Deco style fan of black ostrich feathers with pink and silver glitter by Elizabeth McInnis
  64. Oval slice of Lucite houses "White Trumpter Swan" (3 pc.)
  65. Base in melochite with white stripe in middle (glass lady rests on top of base) (2 pc.)
  66. Ebony walking stick with hand carved do of ivory with brass trim by Geoffrey Bishop
  67. Spiral carved porcelain vase in robin's egg blue; high-fired reduction by Andrea Fabrega
  68. White glaze pot with copper-red necklace by Andrea Fabrega in porcelain
  69. Dark aqua blue porcelain vase with gold lid by Laurie O'Halloran
  70. Hand turned vase; white with black crackle and fluted top by Laurie O'Halloran
  71. Short ft vase black with goldish and brown tones, hand turned by Laurie O'Halloran
  72. Vase in bright aqua porcelain, hand turned by Andrea Fabrega
  73. Porcelain vase with delphiniums in purple and lavender by Sandra Henry (2 pc.)
  74. Wall (out of paper) (2 pc.)
  75. Pair of small watercolors by Gilbert Medan in black frames (landscapes)
  76. Pair dark blue aqua vases with rose color specks; one has a lid by Andrea Fabrega (hand turned)
  77. Black/white calle lilies vase with gold rim by Nicole Niglo
  78. Metal lamp with porcelain shade in variegated colors, hand painted porcelain by Nicole Niglo
  79. Bronze figure by Robert Olszewski, hand painted "On the Avenue", lady with dog in Art Deco style
  80. Two Wedgewood, ancient Greece style, vase with handles applied; have applied blue porcelain medallions in Art Design by Andrea Fabrega ((4 pc.)
  81. Round porcelain container with lid; applied Islamic medallion, turquoise in color with gold leaf interior by Andrea Fabreaga (2 pc.)
  82. Light fixture (has 6 Art Deco style globes), globes hand blown by Francis Whittemore and fixture by Scott Hughes.
  83. "Stratocaster" guitar in metalized blue, handmade by Ken Manning, Canada
  84. Small watercolor painting by Gilbert Medam, France (his signature is two birds in sky - always), scene of real desert
  85. Micro petit point (60 mesh) silk gauge of Art Deco lady with fur; framed in black/grey by Sharon Schmeltzle: Barry Schmeltzle made frame
  86. Round container with lid of porcelain with brown background and large white circles by Andrea Fabrega; hand turned, sets on pink enameled table
  87. Square shaped teapot with cobalt and white glaze by Andre Fabrega; hand turned
  88. Round box made by Gilbert Mena in walnut; lined in green
  89. Oblong box in walnut made by Gilbert Mena and lined in green
  90. Hand blown vase in purple, beige and clear glass by Stacey Siegel
  91. Hand turned ebony bowl with scalloped top and open fretwork by Lars Mikkelsen
  92. Round ebony base for glass statue by Lars Mikkelsen
  93. Ebony pot with pink ivory (wood) top by Lars Mikkelsen
  94. Hand turned amphora vase with handles colored in turquoise, mat finish by Andrea Fabrega
  95. Hand turned ebony bowl with fretwork around top by Lars Mikkelsen
  96. Hand turned, cone shaped bowl with fretwork around top in walnut wood by Lars Mikkelsen
  97. Hand painted watercolor scene of ocean scene with seagulls and gold frame by Judy Lewis (2 pc.)
  98. Hand turned jar of Tagna nut (white with dark burl) and ebony lid by Brenda Behrens
  99. One nut bowl of pink ivory wood, hand turned by Glenn Krueg
  100. Black cloisonné vase with blue design (antique)
  101. Brass base painted black; round with three dolphins (holds glass vase)
  102. Hand carved chicken out of rock crystal
  103. Hand carved rooster out of wood; black/white by Frank Balestrieri
  104. Hand turned jardinière in gold with blue fleck by Andrea Fabrega with lid
  105. Hand turned white ivory bowl with fluted top by Lars Mikkelsen
  106. Small pink ivory wood, hand turned pot by Lars Mikkelsen
  107. Hand turned pot in pink wood ivory, ebony and rosewood, by Lars Mikkelsen
  108. Stone base of whitish with spots, oval
  109. Pair jade rectangular bases
  110. Round base of turquoise with copper horse and trim
  111. Hand carved Mother-of-Pearl "Mt. Lion" by Andre Quandalacy
  112. Hand carved stone (coral & green) elephant by Andre Quandalacy
  113. Hand carved horse by "Zuni Indian" man
  114. Hand carved buffalo, natural stone, turquoise eyes
  115. Hand carved (2) ivory dogs on ivory base

Upper Grand Hall (Back side)

  1. Hand decorated hall table in Adams style by Natasha Beshenkovsky (brown with pastel decoration)
  2. Doll (Scarlet) by Renee DeLaney in white dress with green trim (sets in glass curio case by Gilbert Mena) (2 pc.)
  3. Chippendale chair with petit point seat by Judith Ohanian; chair by John Hogdson
  4. Queen Anne table with sliding leaves that pull out on the sides by Carol Hardy in cherry wood
  5. Queen Anne settee with petit point by Judith Ohanian
  6. Ivory hand carved statue of Bishop with staff (antique)
  7. Statue of Napoleon carved out of Meercham on ebony base (antique)
  8. Grandfather clock of cheery wood with hand decorated enameled face from England
  9. Porcelain urn; hand painted faces on sides and decoration with gold trim base (antiques)
  10. Pair of aqua blue enameled pots (antique) with Chinese evergreen plants made of wire and dipped in enameling by Patricia Snyder (4 pc.)
  11. Rococo style table of green stone, gilded; houses "Shogun" bronzes (8) by David Sciacca. Table by Betty Martin (9pc.)
  12. Three hand carved ivory statues (antique) oriental, 2 men, 1 lady
  13. Ivory statue hand carved of man with shovel on ebony base (antique)
  14. Pedestal, black/gold by John & Ellen Blauer
  15. Statue of Greek lady is gold plated; sets on black/gold pedestal
  16. Large blue Wedgewood urn (antique)
  17. Grandfather clock decorated in black/gold by Natasha Beshenovsky; clock was made by Roger Guthiel
  18. Hand carved chair with rust color seat by Gilbert Mena
  19. Chippendale chair by Betty Valentine; decorated in black with pastels by Natasha Beshenkovsky (yellow upholstery)
  20. Console table decorated in black with pastels by Nancy Summers
  21. Two tapestries (affixed to side walls) (antique)
  22. Seven watercolor paintings (affixed to walls) by Joan Mitchell
  23. Ivory carving of deer on base (deer is lying down) (antique)
  24. Hand carved ivory elephant with Hodda on wood base (antique)
  25. Pair of crystal light fixtures by Leonard Schiada
  26. Hand carved pedestal of bone, lower part, and upper part of wood (antique)
  27. Oval porcelain of little girl with shovel in oval cherry wood frame (antique)
  28. Enameled pot with flowers made of wire by Patricia Snyder (antique)
  29. French commode (18th century styling) containing 8 kinds of wood in parquetry and marquetry by Gilbert Mena
  30. Ivory carved cherub playing oboe; a double-reed woodwind instrument, ivory base (feet have tiny cracks and a tiny tip out of one wing)(antique)
  31. Pair of pedestals of walnut wood with brass trim, one has statue of Napoleon and the other an angel (both antique) Pedestals by Emmett Martin (4 pc.)
  32. Pair of large pedestals of burl and satinwood, decorated in brass trim by Gilbert Mena
  33. Silk petit point rug, 10 1/2" x 5 1/2" of 40 mesh called "Holland Park" design by William Morris, 1883, copied by Leslie Pinkston
  34. Miniature doll in raspberry costume under dome by Renee Delaney
  35. Bronze bust of Napoleon
  36. Painting on ivory in oval frame of "Lady in Blue" (affixed to wall) (antique)
  37. Porcelain painting of "Madonna & child" in cloisonné frame (antique)
  38. Pair of "Marjoria" blue porcelain vases with portraits on front (antiques)
  39. Ivory desk set, hand carved (antique)
  40. Porcelain of "French Man in Blue Jacket" (antique) originally a place card holder
  41. Rectangular "Ivory painting of Village Scene" on stand by John Dean (antique)
  42. Three panel petit point screen, black background with floral and mahogany frame by Leslie Pinkston
  43. Porcelain blue/white vase with iris by Vincent Stapleton
  44. Large 19th century painting on ivory with gold frame of park scene with dancing (antique)
  45. Pair of hand painted ivories (French) in gold oval frames (they hang below the park scene listed above on back wall (antique)
  46. Caned arm chair with gold trim by Charles Krug
  47. Bronze plaque with five hand painted porcelains (antique) mounted on walnut woodwork above stairs.
  48. Pair of black marble, verde green pedestals by James Blackman
  49. French chair in ivory color by Nicole Walton, marble and upholstered in brown silk print by Judee Williamson
  50. Pair of aqua blue hand turned vases with lids by Andrea Fabrega
  51. Porcelain hand painted of Napoleon in Staffordshire style by Jeffery Gueno and Frank Hanley
  52. Small figure (copy of Hummel figure, "Boy with Lamb") in porcelain by C.H. (initials unknown to curator)
  53. Silver chariot with three horses, marked "800 Fine Silver" from Belgium (1800's antique)
  54. Statuette of Romeo and Juliet by artisan, Gerald Yhilch, England, made of pot metal and gilded
  55. Pair of tiny easels hand turned of ebony wood by Geoffrey Bishop
  56. Pair of tiny oil paintings of landscape scenes by Marjorie Adams with gold frames (sets on above easels)
  57. Pair of hand carved ivory figures on wood base with musical instruments (from India, antique)
  58. Ivory dog hand carved on ebony base (antique)
  59. Porcelain plate in "Rose Medallion" design
  60. Porcelain small vase with oriental design, hand painted
  61. Pair "Moriaga" Japanese vases, hand painted (antique)
  62. Round ivory of young girl, brass frame, mounted on wall, right side (antique)
  63. Pair small hand painted porcelains in round, mounted on back wall (antique)
  64. Pair metal painted busts, mounted on newel posts
  65. Hand carved ivory oval of deer, sets on metal stand (ivory is antique)
  66. Three panel, hand painted (one-of-a-kind) screen by Natasha Beshenkovsky

Lower Grand Hall (Back side)

  1. Affixed to walls - 11 watercolor paintings by Joan Mitchell and a three section, hand carved ivory of "Nativity" (antique) 19th century (12 pc.)
  2. Small ivory hand carved statue of man with gun, black/gold pedestal (antique)
  3. Entry table with inlay of garlands in gate-leg design by Tom Latane
  4. One Chippendale "Ribbon Back" chair of walnut, hand carved by John Hodgson, and chair set of petit point by Judy Ohanian
  5. One sterling silver statue of "Don Quixote" on hand tooled ebony base by Geoffrey Bishop, Don Quixote is antique (2 pc.)
  6. Spinet pianoforte & bench by Roger Guthiel and Barry Schmeltzle, petit point seat in 60 mesh silk by Sharon Schmeltzle (2 pc.)
  7. Hand painted, one-of-a-kind, screen (3/P) of Rococo design by Natasha Beshenkovsky
  8. Cherry wood candle stand with brass candleholder and candle by Richard Simms (2 pc.)
  9. Pair of soapstone pots with fichus trees made of metal and hand dipped in enameling by Patricia Snyder (4 pc.)
  10. Pair of bronze plaques with walnut bases by Tom Latane, the bronzes are 19th century (antique) (4 pc.)
  11. Pair of Federal console tables, mahogany wood with gold trim (maker unknown)(2 pc.)
  12. Pair of porcelain vases, turquoise/white designs (antique)(2 pc.)
  13. Bronze of deer and fawn (antique) on walnut base by Geoffrey Bishop (2 pc.)
  14. "Last Supper" hand carved in wood from Switzerland and painted, base by Tom Latane in walnut (2 pc.)
  15. Large bronze lady on wood/marble base (antique)
  16. Hand carved, three panel screen of walnut with brass inlay and trim by Geoffrey Bishop (took 6 months to complete, one-of-a-kind)
  17. Bronze statue of Napoleon on soapstone base, statute is antique (2 pc.)
  18. Metal, hand engraved round table top (antique) base made by Tom Latane to match top
  19. Wood table with inlay top (antique) from top of box (antique - scene of goat, etc.) legs made by Tom Latane
  20. Hand carved ivory "man with Long Beard" (antique, 19th century)
  21. Large vase in reds with aqua (oriental design) hand enameled
  22. Pedestal and "Man Carrying Sack", hand carved in ivory, pedestal has open lattice work (antique)
  23. Three piece "Coronation Set" consisting of crown, chalice and orb, sterling silver with gold overlay from Italy (antique)(8 pc.)
  24. Wood table of inlays of walnut, birch and rosewood with glass top (houses) above "Coronation Set", hand made by Geoffrey Bishop
  25. Ivory "Clergyman" carved housed in half-circular display (also of ivory)(antique) 19th century (2 pc.) Upper grand hall
  26. Upright harpsichord made by Helen Ford and painted by Natasha Beshenkovsky (copy of original in Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City) both sides are painted with angels
  27. Hand carved, ivory bust of lady on ivory pedestal (antique, 19th century, 2 pc.)
  28. Wood pedestal, hand painted in black and trimmed in gold by Natasha Beshenkovsky (house snuff bottle)
  29. Pair of aqua blue, glass vases with white enameling (antique) Upper grand hall
  30. Hand carved, ivory figure of man (antique) sets on soapstone pedestal matching above one by Natasha Beshenkovsky (2 pc.)
  31. Pair of (antique) salts (Russian enameling) on sterling silver, purchased in England (2 pc.)
  32. Hand carved ivory of Christ on the Cross (antique, 19th century)
  33. Black Basalt Ewer with embossed design by Vincent Stapleton (rest on metal engraved table above listed)
  34. Musical instrument called a "Sitar" (India) on walnut stand, hand made by Cliff Feltrope (2pc.)
  35. Aqua blue cloisonné vase with pastel decoration (antique)
  36. Porcelain bust of "Grecian Lady" by Antonio Borsato of Italy, a world famous sculptor
  37. Pot of porcelain lowers by Antonio Borsato (on Spinet Pianoforte)
  38. Chest of drawers made of olive wood by Janice Pengilly
  39. Curio display case of mahogany with glass front by Gilbert Mena (Scarlet doll, 2pc.)
  40. Small hand painted table in brown tones with scene on top, has drawer by Natasha Beshenkovsky
  41. Oriental style trunk decorated in black/gold with design by Rosemarie Torre
  42. Small Oriental style table decorated same as above trunk by Rosemarie Torre
  43. Tall enameled screen in black with figures by Ligia Durstenfeld
  44. Queen Anne side chair with beige seat by Ferd Sobol
  45. Chippendale side chair with aqua seat by Ferd Sobol
  46. Corner chair in walnut by Betty Valentine, petit point seat by Sharon Garmize
  47. Amber bottle with lid (antique) on Oriental base
  48. Round ivory planter, tinted brown (antique)
  49. French cabinet with Dutch influence of the late 18th century design by Gilbert Mena. Primary woods are burl, rosewood, satinwood, ebony with interior secondary woods of walnut and tulipwood. The painted panels are watercolor and oil, framed by brass moulding
  50. Hand carved chair of ebony by Gilbert Mena
  51. "Satsuma" pot, cream color with decoration of people and flowers (antique)
  52. "Moser" glass vase, gold and pastel decoration (antique)
  53. Metal basket (mounted on wall near staircase) wire flowers. Basket is yellow gold and rose gold colors (antique)
  54. Two small scenes (mounted on wall) on each side of basket, one is of Christ on the cross and the other is of a church (antique, 2 pc.)
  55. Queen Anne chair in walnut by Judith Beals, seat of petit point by Judith Ohanian (off-white background with colorful floral pattern)
  56. Walnut chair of 17th century design with petit point set and back of blue background with floral by Leslie Pinkston
  57. French chair in walnut with caning by Judith Beals
  58. Hand carved music stand in walnut by Geoffrey Bishop
  59. Sterling silver flute with ivory mouthpiece by Geoffrey Bishop
  60. Ivory pedestal (short) houses "Man with Long Beard" (antique)
  61. Jade pot with wire plants, pot (antique), flowers by Patricia Snyder (2 pc.)
  62. Two oil paintings in gold frames by Marjorie Adams, one "Two Girls at Piano" (original by August Renoir) and other, "The Margoata, Iowa Bridge" affixed to walls (4 pc.)
  63. Porcelain blue/white pot (hand painted) from China with saucer, houses silk plant made by Jeanie Flowers. Porcelain pot is (antique)(3 pc.)
  64. Pair of porcelain hand panted vases by Jeffery Gueno and Frank Hanley "Lady Albordellas", Italian design, 16th century (2 pc.)
  65. Small rayon rug (foot of stairs)(antique), machine made
  66. Ivory statue, hand carved of lady in long flowing gown with ribbons on ivory pedestal (antique)(19th century)
  67. Pedestal out of carved Agate with head of boy with leaf on this head from Egypt (antique) (2 pc.)
  68. Gold leafed trunk with painted scenes by Natasha Beshenkowsky
  69. Hand painted cache pot in "Sevres" style by Jeffery Gueno and Frank Hanley, dark blue with knobs on corners with bird decoration
  70. Pair of blue/white Oriental pots with green plants made by Sandra Henry Wall (sets inside Russian salts, which are antique (4 pc)
  71. Large, rectangular porcelain "Madonna in Window" (antique), mounted on right side stairs (famous painting)
  72. Side table handmade with gold decoration and mother of pearl by Kim Ketchum, table is black
  73. Arm chair with caning by Judith Beals
  74. Ivory statue, hand carved of lady with hat/purse (antique)
  75. Ivory statue of French man playing musical instrument (antique)
  76. One brown with white vein marble pedestals (one of a pair) by Jack Blackham
  77. Tiny, tiny replica of Dutch cabinet by Gilbert Mena, has objects inside (Moved to Upper Hall)
  78. "Three Graces" gilded bronze
  79. Soapstone pedestal 9round), house "Three Graces"
  80. Sterling silver tea set consisting of, teapot, creamer, sugar & tray, made by Angela Castro and plated in gold by West Hart, jeweler (4 pc.)
  81. Hand carved pedestal of walnut by Geoffrey Bishop
  82. Ivory hand carved fox dressed as a monk, holding rosary beads (antique) sets on above pedestal (Upper Grand Hall)
  83. Pair of sterling silver ornate pots containing Chinese evergreen plants (4 pc.) made from wire and dipped in enameling by Patricia Snyder, pots are antique and were originally wine tasting cups
  84. Ivory pedestal, hand carved (antique) housing peacock blue cloisonné vase lid, pedestal enameled black
  85. Pair Oriental black bases which house silver pots with Chinese evergreen plants (antique) (2 pc.)
  86. Round, brass piece with glass door and eagle on top (originally housed a small clock)(antique), contains opaline flower pot with gold enameled pansy with diamond chip in center of flower by Wes Hart, jeweler (2 pc) (This piece was made in style of Faberge)(Bing Crosby Estate)
  87. Pair of hand turned easels by Geoffrey Bishop (near front)
  88. Oil painting of "Rustic England" copied from unknown artist by Paul Saltarelli, No. 2 of 6, limited edition
  89. Oil painting of "sun Rising Through Vapor", original by J.W. Turner, coped by Paul Saltarelli, No. 3 of 6, limited edition
  90. Hand carved plaque of two deer on wood stand (antique)(2 pc.)
  91. Hand carved table of rosewood by Aoki (one of three)
  92. Oriental, hand painted vase (antique)
  93. Round, hand carved, ivory stand with "Fleur de Les" (antique)
  94. Large, oval, enameled "Gainsborough" copy with pierced frame (antique) (not attached to wall)
  95. Rd. "Cameo", mounted on right wall (antique)
  96. Pair, hand carved ivories of 2 men kneeling w/guns (antique) mounted on newel post (2 pc.)
  97. Pair of oval ivories, bust of lady, mounted above doors (antique)
  98. Bronze bust of young woman

Victorian Room (Right, upper side of back side

  1. 15 wall hangings (affixed to walls) including one hand painted ivory (antique) with gold frame, one metal (antique) copper with gold wash framed in hand tooled ebony frame by Geoffrey Bishop, eight watercolors and three oils in gold frames, one cameo framed and one Russian oval painting
  2. Belter style, hand carved table with beveled white marble top in Tuthill King pattern by Stan Lewis
  3. Belter style, hand carved chair with buff colored seat by Stan Lewis
  4. Hand made shawl in off-white with deep fringe by Ann Socolik
  5. Porcelain jardinière, hand painted by Elizabeth Chambers in green tones
  6. Tilt-top Victorian table, hand decorated by Natasha Beshenkovsky
  7. Harp made and decorated by Elisabett Andrews
  8. Cranberry basket, hand blown with stripped handle by Francis Whittemore
  9. Sewing cabinet of rosewood with ivory inlay and ebony on rollers with compartments with drawers inside, containing contents of gold scissors by Wes Hart, Jeweler, and other sewing items by Ligia Durstenfeld and David Edwards. Cabinet made by John Davenport of England (16 pc.)
  10. Small Victorian sewing table decorated in black with pastels by Natasha Beshenkovsky
  11. Arm chair in gold leaf, upholstered in black background, floral pink/blue by Nicole Walton Marble and Judee Williamson
  12. Oval mahogany table with casters in brass (made in South America)
  13. Bourne ottoman in green silk with walnut base by Garnet Lichtenhan
  14. Three mahogany pedestals, two with white marble tops and one without by Nic Nichols
  15. Small brass picture frame with cameo mounted on black glass (antique)
  16. Two bronzes of "Man and Lady" by David Sciacci
  17. Porcelain bust in white by Antonio Borsato, Italy
  18. Porcelain tray by Karen Zorich, housing Victorian teakettle and four cups and saucers made of pewter and hand decorated in England (artist unknown)(9 pc.)
  19. Two sterling silver baskets by Eugene Kupjack
  20. Smallest sterling silver basket by Obadiah Fisher
  21. Mahogany cupboard (made in South America)(affixed to wall) including 4 pc.
  22. Victorian easel of cherry wood by Alan Waters
  23. Silver filigree work of man/lady in Oriental setting, mounted on blue velvet (antique)
  24. Gun with holder in sterling silver (attached to easel)(antique)
  25. Porcelain figurine of stagecoach, hand painted in blue and white by Betty Neiswender
  26. Five pieces of hand painted china in cupboard by Gerry Floor
  27. Tea caddy in mahogany by Richard Simms
  28. Petit pint rug of 40 mesh on silk canvas with DMC embroidery floss by Leslie Pinkston, approximate size is 8"x10", containing 128,721 stitches in rug. Rug is dark blue background with flower border of light blue and pink
  29. Banjo, hand made by Ken Manning, Canada
  30. Cranberry "Epergne" by Francis Whittemore
  31. Hand carved, walnut, Victorian style chair by Sheldon Hill and upholstered by Garnet Lichtenhan
  32. Lute, hand made by Ken Manning, Canada
  33. Pair of bronzes of man and lady (antique) housed on pedestals of walnut with jade tops by Betty Martin (4 pc.)
  34. Victorian, sterling silver tea kettle on stand with ivory inlay in handle by Obadiah Fisher
  35. Lamp made in stained glass style in green tones by Lew & Barbara Kummerow
  36. Belter Victorian chair with blue upholstery by Stan Lewis
  37. Ewer by Harry Smith in sterling silver
  38. Light fixture of brass, wood and glass shades (shows conversion from gas to electricity) by Scott Hughes
  39. Jewelry chest enameled in blue/white with pastels (has mirror) by Ligia Durstenfeld
  40. Small doily designed by Jessie Harrison in snowflake design
  41. Tray embossed design in sterling silver (round) by Enrique Quintanaar
  42. Three cranberry color decanters by Francis Whittemore
  43. Bentwood style chair with three circles on back, seat is pin-striped in red/white by English artisan (unknown)
  44. Teddy bear with white collar and pink rose by Julia Watada
  45. Teddy bear (tiny) in tan by Mary Jo Dowd
  46. Teddy bear (tiny) in natural by Abe Baron
  47. Tiny "Bye-Lo" doll by Renee Delaney, white and pink dress and pink shoes
  48. Bronze of man with lute by Joseph Addotta
  49. Basket with handle of sterling silver with gold wash, filigree work (antique)
  50. Pedestal, hand carved of mahogany (face of lady on front) South America
  51. Porcelain urn of green with gold hand decorated by Jeffery Gueno and Frank Hanley
  52. Gold painted, four legged base with petit point, black background with floral design (antique)
  53. Round basket of filigree work of sterling silver with gold wash (antiques)
  54. Rectangular black enameled box with pastel decoration on top (antique)
  55. Conversation chair (two seated, opposite sides) by Sheldon Hill, upholstered in rose silk by Garnet Lichtenhan
  56. Oval, sterling silver planter with ornate design (antique) and flowers by Sandra Henry Wall (2 pc)
  57. Round piece of tatting by Suzane Hergot
  58. Six sided tray in sterling silver by Angel Castro (houses Cranberry pieces)
  59. Oil painting of landscape by Gilbert Mena (affixed to wall, right side)
  60. Beleek porcelain basket, white with pink roses on rim by Barbara Lindbloom
  61. Handmade flower basket with handmade flowers (various kinds) by Sandra Henry Wall (2 pc.)
  62. Basket of glass in cranberry by Francis Whittemore
  63. Petit point pillow, black background with floral and pastel border by Leslie Pinkston
  64. Small wood table, hand painted by Natasha Beshenkovsky (scene on top) blue and gold trim
  65. Wood soldier, hand carved and painted (artist unknown) jointed
  66. Hand carved doll from Switzerland by Andrea
  67. Porcelain doll in white lace dress by Mary Grady O'Brien
  68. Three-legged table with one drawer by Gilbert Mena
  69. Pot of flowers in pinks, white an lavender made of shells by Barbara Krupick, in white pot, which has dancing ladies (maker of pot unknown)(2 pc.)
  70. Afghan in wine color by Sally Plunkett, Canada
  71. Cranberry color basket with clear handle by Francis Whittemore
  72. Heart shaped pillow (black/purple) by Linda Sue Dusenberg
  73. Hand carved, Victorian table by Ferd Sobol
  74. Two acrobats hand carved and jointed by Ron Bufton
  75. Small, hand carved rocking horse made in England
  76. Sterling silver basket with two handles by Geoffrey Bishop
  77. Mandolin by Ken Manning, Canada
  78. Porcelain figurine in white of "Golden Years" by Antonio Borsato, Italy (old man and lady feeding the chickens)
  79. Small doll dressed in blue by Joyce Lynch
  80. Mahogany pedestal with round marble top (made in South America)
  81. Photo album with ivory cover with rose by Garnet Lichtenhan
  82. Metal tray painted in black with scene of boy with dog by Natasha Beshankowsky
  83. Tiny porcelain doll dressed in red by Jean Pardina
  84. Jester bear by Julia Watada (white with purple trim)
  85. Beaded bag in dark and light blue beads made by Sally Plunkett, Canada
  86. Mahogany pedestal (3 legged) by Gilbert Mena
  87. Hand blown glass dish, Cranberry with lid by Francis Whittemore
  88. Hand blown, Cranberry vase by Francis Whittemore
  89. Small statue of lady in white (antique)
  90. Small, round box in red cloisonné
  91. French, handmade chair (off-white frame with brown print fabric by Judee Williamson and Nicole Marble Walton)
  92. Small red pitcher
  93. Round doily by Sally Plunkett, Canada
  94. SS basket by Geoffrey Bishop
  95. Two-toned, beaded (blues) bag by Sally Plunkett, Canada
  96. Bronze figurine, hand painted of "Bean Seller" by Robert Olszewski

Ivory Room (Below "Art Noveau" room, left side of back side)

  1. Two fretwork, ivory mounts of left and right walls (antique)
  2. Rectangular, ivory painting of village scene (affixed to wall)(antique)
  3. Two pairs of "Emperor Shahjahan and Muntas Mahal" (husband and wife) by two different artists and of different stages of their lives. Both are buried in the Taj Mahal, which was built by a Persian builder, Ustad Isa. The hall took 17 years to complete, which is a mausoleum and is a huge mass of white marble resting on red sandstone (4 pc.)
  4. Painting on ivory of Doges Palace, which is in Venice, painting has metal silver frame (antique)
  5. Three ivory plaques mounted on walls (antique)
  6. Persian plaque, hand painted on Mother-of-Pearl (antique)
  7. Painting of Taj Mahal on ivory (antique), hangs above Taj Mahal
  8. Oriental style table (houses Taj Mahal) by Eugene Kupjack (2 pc.)
  9. Hand carved, fretwork trunk in ivory (antique)
  10. Pot of flowers of cloisonné (mums) China
  11. Rosewood base for potted plant (antique)
  12. Twenty three pieces of various animals of ivory (hand carved)(antique)
  13. Cloisonné horse in blue tones (china)
  14. Oriental man in blue robe of cloisonné and ivory face (antique)
  15. "Stack Box" in sterling silver with gold wash and cloisonné (China)
  16. Five brass "Stanchions" with brass chain by Chet Spacher (5 pc.)
  17. Inlay base of 5"X3" of ivory in rosewood. It apparently was from a box top modified by Ligia Durstenfeld (antique)
  18. Larger ivory elephant on hand carved wood base (antique)
  19. "Snake Charmer" in ivory (antique)
  20. Hand carved, ivory burrow with sack on back on wood base (antiques)(2 pc.)
  21. Pedestal of Cornelian (was a seal) (antique)
  22. Hand carved lion of ivory (antique)
  23. Hand carved Chinese man in ivory (antique)
  24. Ivory port with painting (scene) on sides, contains mums made of wire and dipped in enameling by Patricia Snyder, pot is antique, on wood base (2 pc.)
  25. Hand carved, Persian screen of rosewood, has five (5) hand painted medallions on panels by Gilbert Mena. Also mounted on panels are ivories of Taj Mahal (very tiny...round) two (antique)(8 pc.)
  26. Hand carved, ivory bear (antique)
  27. Oval painting on ivory of "Tower of Qutb (Kutab)" near New Deli, India. It was built in the 12th century by Delhi's first Sultan, Qutb-ud-Din, in 1199. Built of hard, red sandstone. It is 230 feet high. In the ruins of a Mosque stands a 24' rod or iron, free of rust or dust, which was made in the 5th century. The painting has a sterling silver frame and was painted in 1850.
  28. Walnut chair in Oriental design, upholstered in gold with tassels by Nicole Walton Marble and Judee Williamson
  29. Walnut chair in Oriental style, upholstered in coral color fabric
  30. Walnut Library chair in mahogany (folds into steps) upholstered in dark aqua blue, chair by Ferd Sobol, upholstery by Millie Sobol
  31. Hand carved, ivory dresser set with accessories (18th century)(antique)
  32. Hand carved, fretwork corner cupboard with accessories (18th century, antique, 9 pc.)
  33. Hand carved chess table, contains chess set in ivory and coral (antique)
  34. Satsuma vase, blue/gold, flowers one side and people on other (antique)
  35. Jade pot of flowers made of turquoise, coral and jade (sets on inlay base, antique)
  36. Hand carved ivory Chow dog (antique)
  37. Glass top (removable) table in walnut with fretwork design and ivory inlay by Geoffery Bishop, contains twenty-one (21) tiny, tiny, tiny objects made by Geoffery Bishop, including a small brass plate with his name affixed
  38. Large porcelain with design, Oriental pot containing Oriental arrangement (out of paper) plants by Sandra Henry Wall, pot is antique (2 pc.)
  39. Cloisonné pot containing plant with berries, China
  40. Hand painted oval ivory of historical monument in India (mounted between two portraits above Taj Mahal on back wall)(antique)
  41. Ceramic statue of Oriental lady seated in blue with flower (China)
  42. Hand carved scene of tree and dog of ivory (antique) sets on wood base
  43. Round, ivory painting of Persian girl mounted on 14K gold frame, has small diamond chip in her hat (antique)
  44. Hand carved, ivory horse with semi-precious stones and 14K gold mount, on rock base (Japan)(2pc.)
  45. Hand carved dog with black spots of ivory (antique)
  46. Hand carved, ivory pedestal (antique) houses cloisonné vase, pedestal painted brown (2 pc.)
  47. Three monkeys, hand carved "See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil" out of ivory (antique)
  48. Small ivory box with Oriental lady on front (opens, antique)
  49. Ivory carving of Oriental lady in sitting position (antique)
  50. Small deer, hand carved of ivory on wood base (sets on small cupboard, antique)
  51. Small ivory cupboard with fretwork door, houses above deer (antique)
  52. Short four-panel screen enameled with Egrets on each panel, made by Ligia Durstenfeld
  53. Hand carved, Oriental man in coral
  54. Large soapstone pot with flowers of Cornelian, jade and coral
  55. Cloisonné vase, yellow, ivory (antique)
  56. Hand carved cat and mouse of ivory (antique, 2 pc.)
  57. Ivory jardinière with lid (antique, 2 pc.)
  58. Porcelain vase, white with red panels (each different, antique)
  59. One medium size pedestal with sterling bottom (originally was a seal)(antique) in cornelian
  60. Five-shelf stand (affixed to left wall) hand carved out of ebony and walnut by Geoffrey Bishop, houses (13) hand carved animals out of ivory animals are antique (14 pc.)
  61. Hand painted vases in Satsuma style with gold design and flowers (they set on ivory trunk, antique)
  62. Pagoda with trees and tow Oriental people (sets on coral, hand carved base, antique, 13 pc.)
  63. Oval painting on ivory of the "Tomb of Itimad-ud-daula at Agra", North India. Tomb was built by Mongaul ruler, Jahagir's wife, Jur Jahan from 1617-24. Jahagir was the predecessor to Shah Jahan, who built the Taj Mahal (painted in 1850, antique)
  64. Medium size elephant with cape (antique) hand carved out of ivory
  65. Hand carved rosewood base in Pagoda design (antique)
  66. Small picture, hand painted on ivory with 14K gold mount of "Tower of Qutb" (antique, 19th century)
  67. Rectangular painting of scene (tents, people, animals and trees) on gold trim (19th century, antique)
  68. Small handmade Geisha Girl doll by Lori Ann Potts (sets on trunk)
  69. Elephant, hand carved out of ivory with insets of Mother-of-Pearl decoration (antique)
  70. Enameled elephant with Hodda, pearl fringe on Hodda (from 19th century chess set, antique, 21 pc.)
  71. Hand carved, ivory bird with nest and branches, affixed to back wall (antique) and oval bird with flowers (antique)(3 pc.)
  72. Hand carved chandelier of carousel animals (each different) with glass globe in center and brass chain. Candles were carved out of bone and other parts of chandelier out of old ivory by Geoffrey Bishop
  73. Hand carved, ivory depicting "St. George and Dragon" on black base (antique)
  74. Five, hand carved, ivory figures of "man on Horse" and four man figures on each side of monument of ebony, ivory figures are two centuries old (antique) ebony monument was made by Bud Tullis
  75. Replica of Taj Mahal sets on Oriental table (2 pc.)
  76. Brown Cloisonné vase with blue medallion (antique)
  77. Hand carved, ivory bottle with stopper and painted scene on front, writing on back (antique)
  78. Hand carved, ivory (2nd one) with smaller base of "St. George and Dragon" (antique)
  79. Two dogs, hand carved on oval, ivory base (antique)
  80. Pair of hand carved, ivory round vases (used as stands, antique)
  81. Oblong, hand carved, Oriental base of rosewood (antique)
  82. Square base of ebony (houses Oriental man statue)
  83. 3"x5" machine made, Oriental rod (red tones)

ART NOUVEAU ROOM (Upper left side of backside)

  1. Eight-sided eight leg table in walnut (maker unknown)
  2. Walnut chair with "Mother-of-Pearl/Bird" at top (by Miren Tong, England)
  3. Sewing box of cherry wood (by Barry Schmeltzle) and petit-point top (by Sharon Schmeltzle)
  4. Small rectangular table in walnut with Mother-of-Pearl oval in center (by William Helton)
  5. Walnut desk with two drawers, with floral brass work in back (by Miren Tong, England) (Matches the above chair with bird design (#2))
  6. Dark walnut hand-carved pedestal (by Tom Latane)
  7. Six-sided low oriental-style table in walnut, with Mother-of-Pearl center (by William Helton)
  8. Banjo, made of amber with Mother-of-Pearl art work (antique)
  9. Stained glass window, with walnut frame (by Lew & Barbara Kummerow) (right wall)
  10. Small hand-turned easel (by Geoffrey Bishop), with a picture of an angel
  11. 3 walnut cases with Mother-of-Pearl insets and glass shelves (by Joanna Scarboro)
  12. Pair of walnut pedestals (by Zack Fox)
  13. Square walnut fretwork table (by Kirk Ratajesak)
  14. Walnut pedestal with black marble top
  15. Porcelain hand-made teapot with raised design of iris (by Karen Zorich)
  16. Needlepoint rug of 30 mesh silk, multi-colored floral background, 900 stitches to inch (by Leslie Pinkston)
  17. Pair of petit-point pictures of art nouveau style ladies in gold-leafed frames, 40 mesh (by Judith Ohanian) (affixed to back wall)
  18. Watercolor on ivory of lady with fruit in gold frame (antique) (back wall)
  19. Porcelain hand-painted floral plaque (by Flora Danica from Denmark)
  20. Pair of porcelain hand-sculptured of lady's face with pink roses (artist unknown) (mounted on left wall)
  21. Plaque of lady in off-white relief and green frame (antique) (right wall)
  22. Watercolor of a still life (by Joan Mitchell) (right wall)
  23. Porcelain art nouveau lady holding garland (by Gail Buckner)
  24. 55 pieces of hand-blown glass in three cupboards (by Malcolm Ghrame Fatzer, Francis Whittemore and Frank Albert)
  25. Cloisonné basket, with handles and cloisonné vase flower design (both made in China)
  26. 5 hand-blown glass decanters (by Susan Fowler)
  27. Porcelain pink pitcher with white bow (by Gail Buckner)
  28. Brass swan (2 piece) sets on hand-carved wood base (antique)
  29. 32 pieces of porcelain and art glass (by various artists)
  30. White hand-blown glass deer on glass base (antique, from Germany)
  31. 5 hand-painted bronze birds (by Robert Olszewski and Mary McGrath) (top of desk on right side)
  32. Watercolor of botanic flowers (by Grace S. Smith)
  33. Four-panel hand-painted screen of art nouveau ladies representing the four seasons (by Natasha Beshenkovsky)
  34. Hand decorated porcelain vase in black with floral in various colors and hand-carved oriental-style base (made in Malta) (2 pieces)
  35. Ivory colored hand-carved chair with butterfly back, hand-decorated seat of same color (chair by Nicole Walton Marble, upholstery by Judee Williamson)
  36. Tiffany style lamp with yellowish shades, with art nouveau design (artist unknown)
  37. Oval painting on ivory in sterling silver frame edged in gold (by Anna Maria Manfriani, Italy)
  38. Hand-painted bronze pot of flowers (by Robert Olszewski)
  39. Bronze bird with long beak (antique)
  40. Intricate hand-carved small rocking chair in ivory (antique)
  41. Ivory statue of lady with urn, sets on marble base of pink, black and white (antique) (2 pieces)
  42. 4 cloisonné vases (antique, from England)
  43. Silver-plated basket from the Phillipines with various multi-colored hand-made wire flowers (by Patricia Snyder)
  44. Porcelain vase with iris (by Nicole Minnick)
  45. Bronze bird (by Mary McGrath), hand-painted (by Robin with Bittersweet)
  46. Gold-leafed chair with butterfly back (by Nicole Walton Marble) and upholstered in aqua (by Judee Williamson)
  47. Chair in walnut, designed like a swan (by Susanne Russo)
  48. Rectangular mahogany table (by Hugh Houston), houses a nude lady on a marble base
  49. Large hand-painted plate with green border and flowers, with intricate rust-colored design in center (antique)
  50. Shell back chair in mahogany (maker unknown), upholstered in gold silk (by Judee Williamson)
  51. Hand-painted bronze figures of a rabbit, bird, jonquils and greenery (by Mary McGrath)
  52. Pair of vases, hand-painted white background with birds and ladybugs (antique)
  53. White porcelain vase with trees (by Janet Middlebrook)
  54. Chair with butterfly back painted black with pink trim and pink seat (by Nicole Walton Marble and Judee Williamson)
  55. Hand-carved jade leaf, with two frogs sitting atop it (antique)
  56. Enameled Mother-of-Pearl bowl with birds in green and yellow (by Ligia Durstenfeld)
  57. Hand-decorated white teapot with trees (by Janet Middlebrook)
  58. Gold-leafed chair with carved oval back, upholstered in aqua (by Nicole Walton Marble and Judee Williamson)
  59. Hand-carved ivory bird cage with a bird inside (antique)
  60. Large sterling silver vase with floral embossing (by Angela Martina Castro), with irises made of wire and dipped in enamel (by Patricia Snyder) (2 pieces)
  61. Hand-carved ivory rabbit (antique)
  62. Hand-decorated porcelain vase with raised grapes (design by Karen Zorich)
  63. Porcelain tea set, consisting of teapot, creamer, sugar, tray, and two cups/saucers; pearlized with pale pink roses on the teapot, around the handles of tray, cups, and saucers (by Karen Zorich) (Limited edition of six sets) (8 pieces)
  64. Small landscape scene with gold frame (by Marilyn Gordon) (mounted on right wall)
  65. Watercolor painting of two angels in bow frame (by Joan Mitchell)
  66. Porcelain teapot, with raised elephant on front (by Karen Zorich) (2 pieces)
  67. Watercolor of a landscape that was painted on location, with dark frame (by Gilbert Medam, France) (right front side)
  68. 2 bronze frogs, back to back with music sheets (Vienna, Austria)
  69. Rare nineteenth century glass pedestal by Sevres (antique)
  70. Pair of metal light fixtures, with flowers and leaves (by Patsy Jo Jarboe)
  71. Pair of matching vases, white background with ladies (decorated by Karen Zorich)
  72. Porcelain jar with cover, with raised pastel flowers to front (by Ginger Wyatt)
  73. Hand-carved old ivory candlestick (by Geoffrey Bishop)
  74. Inlay wood tray with brass handles and flower design (by Denis E. W. Hillman)
  75. Pot of hand-made white narcisses flowers (pot by James Clark, flowers by Sandra Henry Wall) (2 pieces)
  76. Pair of rosewood panels, with brass wire in cloisonné-style, ivory decoration on rosewood with large ivory vase, hand-painted with birds and branches (antique)
  77. 2 oil paintings, one of lady in pink in a garden, the other of a little girl in a garden with flowers (by Paul Saltarelli) (each a limited edition of six) (left wall)
  78. Spray of tiny pink porcelain flowers (by Marsha Hedrick)
  79. Watercolor landscape scene with a stormy sky, black frame (by Glibert Medam, France)
  80. Six-sided enameled box in pastel colors (antique)
  81. Pot of pink porcelain flowers (antique, German)
  82. Hand-blown red and gold glass bottle (from Egypt)
  83. Ivory cabinet with Mother-of-Pearl inlay to top and all sides but the back (antique)
  84. Hand-blown bottle with twisted stripes of blue, white and orange (antique)
  85. Glass seashell with pink and white wire flowers (flowers by Patricia Snyder, seashell maker unknown)
  86. Ivory tray with intricately carved border (antique) (8 pieces)
  87. Carved green jade vase on a walnut pedestal (2 pieces)

FRENCH ROOM (Lower right side below the Victorian Room on the backside)

  1. 22 wall hangings, including one tapestry: 8 hand-painted on ivory, 7 watercolors, 5 porcelains, 1 enamel (all antique)
  2. Hand-painted French metal cabinet (by Natasha Beshenkovsky)
  3. 5 hand-made and painted bronze figurines (by Robert Olszewski) (located in French cabinet, #2 above)
  4. Two hand-made one-of-a-kind porcelain figures (by Gail Buckner)
  5. Console, blue with gold decoration (by Natasha Beshenkovsky)
  6. Two large hand-painted porcelain figures, of a man and a woman in French dress (antique)
  7. Gold-plated metal music stand (by John & Ellen Blauer)
  8. Petit-point rug, called a "Savonnerie," of 40 mesh silk threads, 1600 stitches to an inch, 159,290 total stitches. Copy of Eighteenth century design in greens, rose, pink and gold (made by Leslie Pinkston)
  9. Large hand-painted porcelain figure of a boy (antique)
  10. Large rectangular Nineteenth century French enameling in gold gilted frame of ebony (antique) (frame by Geoffrey Bishop)
  11. Hand-carved walnut tea table, painted blue with gold decoration (by Natasha Beshenkovsky) (table carver unknown)
  12. French settee with ivory frame, upholstered in blue silk (by Nancy Summers)
  13. 4 gold-plated consoles with green stone tops (by Eugene Kupjack) (tops cute by Joseph Cooper, stone mason)
  14. Long gold-plated hall table (by Eugene Kupjack, green stone by Joseph Cooper)
  15. Two porcelain figures of ladies, one in a white dress and the other in a pink dress (from England)
  16. Pair of hand-painted urns trimmed in gold (from England)
  17. French mahogany chair (made in South Africa), upholstered in white petit-point with floral design (by Judith Ohanian)
  18. Large ivory vase hand-decorated in Sevres style in blue and gold with figures (figures by Natasha Beshenkovsky) (vase is antique)
  19. Louis XIV chest, with door and shelf below (made and decorated by Carl Gustafson)
  20. Pair of ornate gold-plated vases (by Eugene Kupjack)
  21. Pair of cache pots, painted in green (by Jean Yingling)
  22. French bronze ormolu, and enameling of clown (antique)
  23. French arm chair, gold-leafed (by Nicole Walton Marble), upholstered in pink silk (by Judee Williamson)
  24. Porcelain tea set, consisting of teapot, creamer, sugar, tray, 6 cups/saucers (antique) (by Kayser) (16 pieces)
  25. Hand-painted porcelain music stand (antique)
  26. One-of-a-kind sterling silver and jade table (by Wes Hart, jeweler), replica of a table made by Carl Faberge, which was in his apartment when the Russian Revolution broke out. The original table is now in England in the Wartski Collection and is featured in the books of Carl Faberge's works (one book by Kenneth Snowman, page 22 and the other "Faberge - Court Jeweler of the Czars)
  27. Hand-made and intricately painted fan (by Marjorie Adams)
  28. French chair with a white seat and floral design (by Charles Krug)
  29. Hand-made balalaika (by Ken Manning, Canada)
  30. Ivory statue of a cherub with bow and arrow (antique)
  31. Porcelain statue of a man in a blue jacket by Dresden (antique)
  32. Porcelain bird with gold leaves and flower with ormolu base, and porcelain base (antique, made in France) (2 pieces)
  33. French side chair in gold-leaf (by Nicole Walton Marble), upholstered in blue silk (by Judee Williamson)
  34. Blue enameled clock with mahogany trim and hand-painted decoration (by Ligia Durstenfeld)
  35. Small limoges plate, with a scene of a man and lady (antique)
  36. Blue teapot painted in Sevres design with panel of flowers
  37. Small white teapot with pink and blue design
  38. White pitcher and vase with hand-painted floral design (antique)
  39. Slipper chair, off-white petit-point background with pink roses and blue bows (by Leslie Pinkston)
  40. Silk thread Tatting runner (by Suzane Hergot) (on green center table)
  41. Ormolu round frame with loop at top (opens from the back), containing a painting on ivory of a lady with pink roses in her hair (antique)
  42. Gilted brass chair with embossing, with enameled seat and back with French-style scenes (antique)
  43. Small ivory of cherub with triangle (antique)
  44. Porcelain urn and cover, with fruit and oriental scene (by Jeffery Gueno and Frank Hanley)
  45. Pair of porcelain urns and covers, in light green, with floral design and gold trim (by Barbara Todd)
  46. Hand-painted porcelain plate with aqua blue border
  47. Porcelain kneeling lady in a lace costume (antique)
  48. Small blue porcelain French clock (by Jeffery Gueno and Frank Hanley)
  49. Oval painting on ivory of a lady in a pink dress with light green background (antique) (mounted on wall)
  50. Round white porcelain bowl, with blue and green bows
  51. Ivory statue of a lady with dish (antique)
  52. Pearlized tea set in white and gold, consisting of teapot, creamer, sugar and tray (by Karen Zorich) (4 pieces)
  53. Hand-painted porcelain pitcher with spout (by Janyce Crawley)
  54. Aqua blue teapot (by Jean Yingling)
  55. Vienna bronze pot with pink flowers, sits in sterling silver pot with enamel overlay (antique) (2 pieces)
  56. Two white and gold teacups and saucers (by Karen Zorich) (4 pieces)
  57. 3-panel enameled screen, with different scenes (antique, made in France)
  58. Small figure of a French soldier (antique) (displayed in cabinet)
  59. French bonnet of blue silk with roses, and one pink straw hat with pink feathers and roses (made by Mary Jo Dowd) (2 pieces)
  60. Ivory statue of a baby crawling (antique)
  61. 3-panel green French screen with white decoration (antique, made in France)
  62. Porcelain plate, painted with a gold design and pink roses (plate by Karen Zorich, painting by Donna Balese)
  63. Blue tea set in Sevres style with fruits and flowers, consisting of teapot, creamer, sugar, 3 plates and 3 cups/saucers (by unknown English artisan)
  64. One-of-a kind pink, green and white porcelain light fixture (by Jeffery Gueno and Frank Hanley)
  65. Green-toned hand-painted cup and saucer with fruit decoration (made in England)
  66. Hand-painted two-drawer French commode, decorated in green with pastels (by Bluette Meloney and Sharon Reeve)
  67. One-half inch scale white and light blue tea set, consisting of tray, teapot, creamer and sugar, cup/saucer (by Karen Zorich) (5 pieces)
  68. Pair of aqua blue porcelain urns and covers (by Jeffery Gueno and Frank Hanley)
  69. One hand-decorated coral-color cup and saucer (by Karen Zorich) (2 pieces)
  70. French enameling of angel and cherub set in a gold frame (antique) (affixed to left wall)
  71. One tall round gold-decorated pedestal
  72. Small green commode, with decoration and door (by Natasha Beshenkovsky)
  73. Pair of hand-painted Chinese lattice-style porcelain vases (by Jeffery Gueno and Frank Hanley)
  74. Bouquet of flowers, of paper (by Sandra Henry Wall) (in porcelain urn with aqua blue background and cherub, on the green and gold hall table) (2 pieces)
  75. "Grand Entrance" bronze figurine, the original porcelain made by Capo Di Monte, circa 1750 (made and painted by Robert Olszewski) (First edition) (on shelf, left side)
  76. Dresden porcelain figure of a ballerina, with maroon vest and lace skirt (antique)
  77. Pair of figurines in pink costumes (by Frances Steak) (in cabinet)
  78. Ivory statue of Napolean on an ivory pedestal (both antique) (2 pieces)
  79. Large pink, green, blue, yellow and gold hand-painted porcelain urn (antique, Japan)
  80. Large dark blue and white porcelain urn with cover, with flower decoration (antique, made in England, maker Coalport)
  81. Round green and blue porcelain vase with cherubs to front (by Frank Hanley and Jeffery Gueno)
  82. Hand-painted dark aqua porcelain plate, with flowers at center (by C.W.)
  83. Ivory statue of a small lady with fan (antique)
  84. White marbleized pedestal with gold trim (by Scott Hughes)
  85. Hand-painted porcelain French soldier (antique)
  86. Blue porcelain angel (antique)
  87. Hand-carved ivory statue of kneeling cherub (antique)
  88. Porcelain statue of French man holding hat (antique)
  89. Bronze figures of asian man/woman, called "Oriental Lovers" (by Robert Alsyewski) (Limited edition)

HEPPLEWHITE ROOM (Lower left side of frontside, below the Adams Room)

  1. 19 wall hangings (affixed to walls): 1 blue and white plaque of the "Pacific Northwest Exposition" of 1909 (mounted on celing), 7 watercolors (by Joan Mitchell), 2 gold-plated mirrors, 1 oil, 2 porcelains, 6 blue and white Wedgwood plaques (mounted above doors) (antique)
  2. Sterling silver cupid standing on heart (antique)
  3. Pair of mahogany sofa tables with Lyre sides (by John Davenport)
  4. Mahogany secretary, with all doors and drawers opening and closing (made by Gerald Crawford, England) (3 pieces)
  5. 4 Hepplewhite mahogany dining chairs, with white and blue stripe seats (by Ferd Sobol)
  6. Round mahogany cigarette table, with inlay and brass feet (by Ferd Sobol)
  7. Sterling silver chest with figures and scenes (antique) (on floor)
  8. Sterling silver bowl, called a "Monteith" bowl (by Eugene Kupjack)
  9. Sterling silver statue of Mercury, on a sterling silver base (antique)
  10. Sterling silver statue of man with lyre, on a white bisque pedestal (both antique) (2 pieces)
  11. Black and gold-plated candleholder, on bisque base (candleholder by Eugene Kupjack, base is antique) (2 pieces)
  12. Pair of black and green soapstone pedestals (by Vincent Stapleton)
  13. Pair of white pots (by Ginger Wyatt), containing ferns made from wire and dipped in enameling (by Patricia Snyder) (4 pieces)
  14. Small square blue enamel box with bird (by Ligia Durstenfeld)
  15. Pair of small blue and white Wedgwood-style vases (by Betty Neiswender) (on desk)
  16. 5 hand-painted plates, teapot, creamer, sugar, and vase (by Karen Zorich) (in upper part of secretary) (9 pieces)
  17. Sterling silver clock with embossing (antique, Dutch origin, circa 1860)
  18. Hepplewhite-style settee, with inlay and blue upholstery (by Nancy Summers)
  19. Glass-top mahogany curio table, with inlay around sides, and housing 14K gold cross collection: one 3 piece (Faith-Hope-Charity) and 4 others (table by G. Mens)
  20. Cherry wood stand for vase (by Roger Guthiel)
  21. Mahogany bible stand (by Ferd Sobol), with small Bible (by Barbara Rahab) (2 pieces)
  22. Hand-painted teapot, creamer and sugar, tray (from England) (4 pieces)
  23. Pair of drop-leaf tables with inlay (made by John Hodgson, England)
  24. Sterling silver tea set, consisting of tray, teapot, creamer and sugar (by Pete Acquisto) (4 pieces)
  25. Silver with gold-plate rim gallery (by Eugene Kupjack)
  26. 11 pieces of porcelain in the Wedgwood-style (by Vincent Stapleton)
  27. Mahogany urn knife box, with holly and ebony inlay (by Richard Simms), containing 8 place settings of flatware and serving pieces in sterling silver (37 pieces)
  28. Pair of mahogany sideboards in Hepplewhite-style (by John Hodgson, England)
  29. Sterling silver wine cooler (by Pete Acquisto)
  30. Hepplewhite desk with inlay and plaques of real Wedgwood (by Ernie Levy)
  31. Eight-sided blue, green and white Wedgwood plaque, on stand (antique)
  32. Sterling silver urn, with black wood base (antique) (2 pieces)
  33. Sterling silver cherub playing flute, on sterling silver base (antique)
  34. Porcelain painting of a ballerina (by Antonio Borsato, Italy)
  35. Small porcelain bust (by Antonio Borsato, Italy)
  36. Small inlay table, with drawer that opens (by Minoru Aoki, Japan)
  37. Sterling silver tureen (by Obadiah Fisher)
  38. Color-colored enamel desk pen base, with pen (by Ligia Durstenfeld) (2 pieces)
  39. Walnut kettle stand (by Jeanne Chapman Bartlett)
  40. Sterling silver platter with dome (by Pete Acquisto) (2 pieces)
  41. Shield back chair with bright blue upholstery (by Charles Krug)
  42. Sterling silver three-legged urn (antique), containing wire flowers dipped in enameling (by Patricia Snyder) (2 pieces)
  43. Square silver box with scene of man, lady and dog on side, gold wash inside, and marked "800 Silver" (antique)
  44. Red and gold book "Sermon on the Mount (by Barbara Rahab)
  45. Sterling silver coffee pot, with black ebony handle (by Pete Acquisto) and sterling silver sauce dish (2 pieces)
  46. White with gold trim and large flowers porcelain teapot, creamer and sugar (by Rebecca Riley) (3 pieces)
  47. Porcelain of Lady Standing (antique)
  48. Hand-painted blue, gold and white porcelain vase, with portrait of lady (by Jeffery Gueno and Frank Hanley) **transfer to Adams Room**
  49. Small sterling silver cup (by Obadiah Fisher)
  50. Blue-toned hand-painted teapot (by Betty Neiswander)
  51. Large sterling silver tray with embossed flowers on four sides (antique)
  52. Short white porcelain stand, with hand-painted garlands of flowers (antique, made in England) (containing metal tea set, also from England)
  53. Portrait painted on ivory, in sterling silver frame (antique)
  54. Blue vase, decorated in white and dark blue oriental design with rust-colored flowers (antique)
  55. Sterling silver cornucopia footed, containing purple Iris made of wire and dipped in enameling (by Patricia Snyder) (antique)
  56. Sterling silver covered dish, the original circa 1816 by William Elliot) (reproduced in miniature by Pete Acquiesto) (2 pieces)
  57. Sterling silver carver set (by Angela Martina Castro) (4 pieces)
  58. One eight-sided sterling silver frame, with Wedgwood plaque in center, and marked verso "Mary Gage" (antique)
  59. Oval sterling silver box with flower design (antique, from Italy)
  60. 2 small oval hand-painted porcelain dishes (antique, from France), decorated in yellow/gold, with tiny flowers inside
  61. Hand-made Bible (by Barbara Rahab), with enameled decoration on cover (by Ligia Durstenfeld)
  62. One-of-a-kind pink and blue Wedgwood-style plate with 2 Siamese cats (by Gail Buckner)
  63. Small one-of-a-kind blue with white decoration Wedgwood-style teapot (by Betty Neiswender) (3 pieces)
  64. One-of-a-kind porcelain teapot, creamer and sugar, blue with white cherubs (by Gail Buckner) (3 pieces)
  65. Pair of metal flower wall sconces (by Patsy Jo Jarboe) (affixed to back wall) (2 pieces)
  66. Book, with blue Wedgwood lady to front, entitled "Classical Mythology" and printed inside (by Barbara Rahab)
  67. Small 3-panel hand-painted screen with cherubs (by Natasha Beshenkovsky)
  68. Hand-made cherry wood easel (by Bobbie Schoonmake and Maggie Urciuoli)
  69. Oil painting, entitled "A Good Book," number 3 of 6 in Limited series (by Paul Saltarelli) (sits on easel)
  70. Aubusson petit-point blue, beige and gold rug with multi-colored flowers and leaves, called "Fantasy," 40 mesh silk, 1600 stitches to inch (by Leslie Pinkston)
  71. Walnut box containing complete manicure set, was a limited edition of 6 sets (by Robert Sutton) (8 pieces)
  72. Sterling silver teapot, with ebony handle an footed stand (by Obadiah Fisher) (2 pieces)
  73. Sterling silver cake server (by Geoffery Bishop)
  74. Eyeglasses in 9K gold (with glass) (by David Edwards, Scotland)
  75. Hand-painted blue and white porcelain plate (by Jim Clark)
  76. Sterling silver hand mirror (by Odadiah Fisher)
  77. Pair of metal chandeliers, with leaf design that matches the wall sconces (by Patsy Jo Jarbe)
  78. Small sterling silver bowl and cover, with knobs on sides (by Stuart McCabe) (2 pieces)
  79. Rectangular sterling silver box with jade top, containing silver piece (antique)
  80. Sterling silver spice box, with shell top (by Pete Acquisto) (2 pieces)
  81. Porcelain vase with aqua and green decoration (from island of Malta)
  82. Hand-made and enameled playing music box (by Ligia Durstenfeld) (1 of 3)
  83. Hand-turned dark blue porcelain vase (by Andrea Fabrega)
  84. Hand-made musical instrument, called "Pee Puh," originated in the Eighteenth century (by Ken Manning, Canda)
  85. Round sterling silver box with filigree work (antique)
  86. 4 books, with printing inside: "A Flower Wedding," "A Masque of Days," "Flowers from Shakespeare's Garden," "An English Garden" (by Barbara Rahab) (4 pieces)
  87. Pair of small mahogany three-legged tables, with one drawer (by Gilbert Mena) (2 pieces)
  88. Small seascape painting in gold frame (by Judy Lewis)
  89. Cherry wood foot stool (by Barry Schmeltzle), petit-pointed (by Sharon Schmeltzle). Light green with large flower to center, petit-point in 40 mesh silk, 1600 stitches to inch
  90. Pair of blue and white porcelain limoges, together with another (antique) (3 pieces)
  91. Hand-painted porcelain dish and cover, with bird to top (antique, France) (2 pieces)
  92. Blue milk glass plaque of a lady with bird, on easel (by Stan Gordon) (plaque is antique) (2 pieces)
  93. Pair of sterling silver candlesticks, with blue candlesticks (by Ligia Durstenfeld)
  94. Pair of white porcelain vases, on oriental bases (4 pieces)
  95. Oval Wedgwood plaque with figure in dark blue and white, in a sterling frame (antique) (sits on small table)
  96. Large bouquet of flowers (by Sandra Henry Wall) (sits in front of exhibit in S.P.) (antique) (2 pieces)
  97. Blue hand-turned bowl, with gold flecks (by Andrea Fabrega)
  98. Blue hand-turned jardinière and cover, with gold flecks (by Andrea Fabrega) (matches above bowl, #97) (2 pieces)
  99. Limoges plate of workers in field (antique, France)
  100. Large Jasperware blue pitcher with lady to front (Japan)
  101. Bouquet of lilies (by Pat Stebbins), hand-turned vase (by Troy Schmidt) (2 pieces)
  102. Silver scalloped tray (antique)
  103. Sterling silver ladle
  104. Blue and white hand-painted porcelain jardinière and cover (by Vincent Stapleton) (2 pieces)
  105. Sterling silver tureen and cover (by Pete Acquisto) (2 pieces)

SEVENTEENTH CENTURY ROOM (Lower right-hand botton of front side)

  1. 9 watercolors: 1 large silver plaque with hand-tooled ebony frame (frame by Geoffrey Bishop) (antique)
  2. "Musicians" tapestry, 40 mesh silk, 1600 stitches to an inch (by Judith Ohanian)
  3. Pair of etchings (by John Anthony Miller)
  4. Small mahogany desk with black leather top
  5. Corner chair with petit-point seat, blue and gold with gold tassels (by Judith Ohanian)
  6. Walnut candle stand with drawer, with candle (by Roger Guthiel) (2 pieces)
  7. Hand-carved ebony chair, burgundy seat (by Gilbert Mena)
  8. Handmade ship, called "RMS Discovery" (by Bill Coulter)
  9. Handmade English war ship, called "James Galley" (by Bill Coulter)
  10. Box of olive wood with inlay (antique, from England)
  11. Pair of dueling pistols in a walnut box lined in red (by Paul Highfill)
  12. Hand-carved rectangular walnut box (by Carol Hardy)
  13. Sea chest (by Bert Oldham), hand-painted (by Norma Oldham)
  14. Ebony easel (by Geoffrey Bishop), containing 7 handmade various swords and knives (made by Geoffrey Bishop, Wes Hart, and Tom Latane) (8 pieces)
  15. Hand-carved doors on wall cupboard (by Gilbert Mena) (sits on box by Carol Hardy) (2 pieces)
  16. Bell cittern musical instrument, originals were made in Hamburg, Germany in 17th century (by Ken Manning, Canada)
  17. Yellow, red and green spool chair with petit-point seat (by Judith Ohanian) (2 pieces)
  18. Set of 16th century Italian armor (by Tom Latane)
  19. Pair of walnut pedestals, with 2 bronzes (by David Sciacca) (4 pieces)
  20. Mahogany table, with 2 drawers, housing large book "Dew Drops" (antique) (2 pieces)
  21. Ivory painting depicting "Annunciation," in sterling silver frame (antique)
  22. Hand-carved table, with decorative inlay (by Janice Pengilly)
  23. Sterling silver vase with rings on each side of the black base (from Mexico)
  24. Handmade walnut gun case, with removable glass top for cleaning (by Tom Latane), case contains: 5 handmade guns (by Tom Latane), 1 "Skull Breaker" (by David Sciacca), powder horn (by Tom Latane), Blunder Bus & Match Lock, and pair of cup-hilt napiers on top of case (by Wes Hart, jeweler) (12 pieces)
  25. Small brass trunk with gold wash and embossing (antique)
  26. Silver box with amber top (antique)
  27. Pair of eight-sided mahogany tables
  28. Yew wood and ebony stand, for weapons (by Tom Latane), containing Wheellock and Spear & Flask (by Tom Latane) (5 pieces)
  29. Small box with inlay (antique, from England)
  30. 14K dagger with semi-precious stones
  31. Porcelain lady in brown costume (by Gail Buckner)
  32. Old hand-carved wood figure of Madonna (antique, from Church Rectory in Milan, Italy)
  33. Icon, hand-painted (by Natasha Beshenkovsky) (3 panel)
  34. Brass box with embossed Christ on top (antique)
  35. Chalice, held together by a long gold screw (by Wes Hart, jeweler), containing 8 individual pieces of sterling silver with semi-precious stones
  36. Silver figure of a Persian girl playing the flute, on a wood stand (antique)
  37. Ivory chalice, with removable lid (antique)
  38. Rosary beads, strung on fine wire (by Barbara Bunce)
  39. Small sterling silver plaque with scene (antique) (sits in oriental stand, on table at left side near front) (by Hugh Houston) (2 pieces)
  40. 17th century musical instrument, "Virginal," painted light blue (by Charles Sudler)
  41. Small square stand with black top and light inlay design (by Geoffrey Bishop)
  42. Handmade red leather book, "Book of Hours" (by Shannon Mitchell), on a wood base with book holder (by Mitch Mitchell) (2 pieces)
  43. Black leather Bible, with gold trim, dated 1896 and printed in Scotland, with small magnifying glass at back (antique) (2 pieces)
  44. Sterling silver light fixture, with candles (by Pete Acquisto)
  45. Oval micro mosaic depicting the Vatican, framed in ebony, in ebony stand (by Geoffrey Bishop) (mosaic is antique) (2 pieces)
  46. K4K Dillinger gun, in walnut and gold trim case (by Wes Hart, jeweler)
  47. Oval painting on ivory, in sterling silver frame with gold trim (by Anna Maria Manfriani, Italy)
  48. Small oval 14K gold box, with enameling on top, and a small gold baby inside (antique) (2 pieces)
  49. Handmade mandora, with ivory inlay (by Ken Manning, Canada)
  50. Hand-carved wooden cross (by Don Shaw) (mounted on right wall)
  51. Hand-painted table, with Russian enameling (by Natasha Beshenkovsky)
  52. Firescreen, a copy of a 17th century screen at Mt. Vernon (by Bert Oldham), hand-painted (by Norma Oldham
  53. Roman folding chair, with carving on back (by Susanne Russo)
  54. American side chair, 1670-1680 period (by John Ottewill, Canada)
  55. Banister back chair, 1700-1725 period (by John Ottewill, Canada)
  56. Sterling silver bowl, with gold-colored glass inset, and legs in the form of fish (antique)
  57. Small Gothic walnut chair, with curved back (by Mark Murphy)
  58. Small carved box, marked "To Betty" (by Don Shaw)
  59. Hand-carved wood figure of an old man smoking a pip (by Stephen Jacobs)
  60. Silver dagger with embossing, containing a ruby (antique)
  61. 10K gold cross, with rose gold-leaf design
  62. Handmade French pistol (by Wes Hart) (in gun case)
  63. Porcelain teapot, hand-painted ship to one side (by Karen Zorich)
  64. 2 handmade mini chairs (by Gilbert Mena)
  65. Hinged ivory book, with carving of figures to inside (antique)
  66. Violin, in black leather case, numbered 1 in a series of 3 (by Joseph Turner) (2 pieces)
  67. Pair of dueling pistols, in a wood case (by Wes Hart, jeweler)
  68. Black glass owl (antique)
  69. Watercolor of a landscape, in a black frame (by Gilbert Medam, France)
  70. Hand-thrown yellow/gold porcelain pitcher, with man to one side (by Andrea Fabrega)
  71. Book, entitled "Haunted House," special edition of 5, with color illustrations (by Barbara Rahab)
  72. Hand-turned jar and cover, with copper-blue glaze (by Andrea Fabrega)
  73. Tiny box with inlay (by Gilbert Mena) (sits on chair in front)
  74. Religious book, entitled "Salter" (by Barbara Rahab)
  75. Hand-turned green/gray lignum wood vase (by Shirley Kroeger)
  76. Hand-turned terra cotta vase, with three-tier handles, glazed (by Andrea Fabrega), on a wood base (2 pieces)
  77. Oval handmade lace cloth, with fine thread (by Sally Plunkett) (on back of chair on right side)
  78. Oblong plaque of a warrior carrying "Winged Victor" banner, hand-painted with enameling over copper (antique, Italy) (mounted on wall near armor)
  79. 14K gold sword, with blue enameled handle (antique)
  80. Rectangular piece of carved ivory, with scene of trees, bird and goat, in a wood base (antique)
  81. Round hand-turned wood vessel of "Bunyawood," with ebony collar (by Stephen Mark Paulsen)
  82. Ebony amphora, with stopper of boxwood, pink ivorywood, and ebony (by Stephen Mark Paulsen) (sits on right side on eight-sided table)
  83. Shaker stand with 3 drawers (by Jeanne Chapman Bartlett)
  84. Hand-turned short round pot, with design (by Andrea Fabrega)
  85. Hand-turned apricot wood bowl and hand-turned tagua nut bowl, with ebony base (by Lars Mikkelsen) (3 pieces)
  86. Handmade knife (by Paula Easler) (in glass top gun table)
  87. Hand-carved oriental figure, with a rough ruby
  88. Brass figure of a town crier (antique)
  89. Handmade 15th century style gun, "Ball-Bout Wheellock" (by Wes Hart, jeweler) (on top of gun case)
  90. Hand-turned small red vase (by Andrea Fabrega) (right side table top)
  91. Hand-painted porcelain platter, with red ships and gold design to rim (by Karen Zorich)
  92. Sterling silver coin, converted to a bowl with 3 feet of llamas, dated 1800s (antique)
  93. Mahogany chair, with a painted crest (by Natasha Beshenkovsky) (chair is antique)
  94. Pole weapon, "Partisan" (by Wes Hart, jeweler) (in weapon stand)
  95. Pole weapon, "Battle Ax" (by Wes Hart, jeweler) (in weapon stand)
  96. Walnut pedestal (by Oliver Judd), containing vase (by Andrea Fabrega)
  97. Captain Blood's sword "Rapier," copy of the one made for movie entitled "Captain Blood" (by Alan Hamer, blacksmith)
  98. Porcelain bowl, with 3 hand-painted ships to inside (by Jean and Terisa Welch)
  99. 4 18th century Tibetan prayer objects (antique)
  100. Brown marble pedestal with white veining (by Jack Blackham) (one of a pair in museum)
  101. Dragonhead amphora, vase with handles, with celadon glaze, reproduction from Tang Dynasty, China A.D. 618-903 (by Troy Schmidt)
  102. Hand-turned maple vase with walnut strips and ebony top (by Lars Mikkelsen)
  103. Silver book, "Joan of Arc," with pictures to inside (antique)
  104. Hand-turned maple wood vase, with cut-out work around top (by Lars Mikkelsen)
  105. Replica of "coat of arms" in square white mount (antique)
  106. Large hand-turned wood vase, of Zacchaus Palm, with matching nut bowl (by Glenn Krueg) (2 pieces)
  107. Hand-turned nut bowl of Jessenia Palm (by Glenn Krueg)
  108. Three-size wood hand-turned goblets (by Brenda Behrens) (on wood inlay block near front) (4 pieces)
  109. Three sizes of Kingwood bowls (by Glenn Krueg) (on ornate hand-carved wood base in front) (4 pieces)
  110. Hand-turned wood bowl (by Glenn Krueg)
  111. Ivory spinning wheel (antique)
  112. Ivory yarn winder (antique)
  113. Porcelain Joan of Arc, mounted in Ormolu frame (antique)
  114. Handmade green hat with feather (by Guillermo Romero, Mexico) (in violin case)
  115. Small porcelain figure of a lady (by Gail Buckner)
  116. Small oval enameled box, with scene to top (antique) (on left eight-sided table)
  117. Rectangular porcelain plaque of Christ (antique)
  118. "Mckintosh" chair, with woven seat (by Ian Holoran, Scotland)
  119. Hand-turned cocoabola wood vase (by Samir Jizrawi) (on wood pedestal on back wall) (2 pieces)
  120. Sterling silver suit of armor, on black wood base (by Cliff Feltrope)
  121. Hand-painted porcelain Imari plate (by unknown artist)
  122. Hand-carved ivory scene of a tree, in a hand-carved ebony frame, on stand (by Geoffrey Bishop) (2 pieces)
  123. Hand-turned jar and cover, with shiny black glaze (by Andrea Fabrega)
  124. Hand-turned walnut pot, with scalloped top (by Lars Mikkelsen)
  125. Hand-turned bowl of Jessenia Palm (by Lars Mikkelsen)
  126. 3 inch inlaid wood base (antique)
  127. Round French enamel of warrior, on red background (by C. Faure, Fance) (antique)
  128. Two-tone pitcher, with green/brown splotches
  129. Round SS compote (antique)
  130. Holy Bible, with magnifying glass in back (antique)
  131. Powder horn, with enameled flowers (antique)
  132. Small square tin frame, with print of priest attending to a sick person