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Liz Claiborne

Property from the Estate of Liz Claiborne and Arthur Ortenberg

Most of her admirers know fashion designer Liz Claiborne from the fame she acquired through her wildly successful apparel company. Perhaps lesser known is the story of how a 1987 trip to Africa with husband and business partner, Arthur Ortenberg, enlightened the pair to the plight of the African elephant and inspired a passion for wildlife conservation. Their travels redirected the duo from the fashion world to saving wildlife across the world, eventually leading to the establishment of the Liz Claiborne and Art Ortenberg Foundation (LCAOF) to serve that cause.

Undoubtedly, Claiborne and Ortenberg cultivated an interest in collecting ethnographic art as the people and places they visited became endeared to them. Liz's artistic sensibilities coupled with their newfound mission resulted in a treasured collection of Tribal art.

Highlights of the African art in this esteemed collection include a quintessential Standing Female Figure ( lot 70330 ); two important Waja Shoulder Masks from Nigeria (lots 70340 and 70345); A Mbole Standing Figure showing considerable moxie ( lot 70333 ); and an elegant Guro Mask ( lot 70334 ). Plainly stated, this collection has it all.

View the Liz Claiborne and Arthur Ortenberg Collection here.