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Auction Licenses & Legal & State Notices


  • Teia Baber: TX 16624.
  • Ed Beardsley: CA Bond CMS0328765; NYC 1183220; TX 16632.
  • Leon Benrimon: TX 18059.
  • Hayley Brigham: CA Bond 46BSBIF6399.
  • Richard Cervantes: CA Bond CMS0328767.
  • Nicholas Dawes: NYC 1304724; TX 16784.
  • Sophia Duncan: CA Bond CMS0328768; IL 441002376; NYC 2080174; TX 17901.
  • Chris Dykstra: CA Bond CMS0328785; FL AU4069; IL 441001788; PA AU005733; TX 16601.
  • Fiona Elias: CA Bond 46BSBID9457; NYC 2001163; PA AU006117; TX 17126.
  • Francesca Felgar: CA Bond CMS0328774; TX 17902.
  • Samuel Foose: CA Bond 46MSMIE0793; FL AU3244; IL 441-001482; NYC 952360; PA AU005443; TX 11727.
  • Alissa Ford: CA Bond CMS0328775; NYC 2009565; TX 17104.
  • Kathleen Guzman: CA Bond LSM0594811; IL 441002308; NYC 0762165; TX 16142.
  • Greg Holman: TX 17653.
  • Greg Kopriva: TX 18107.
  • Roberta Kramer: CA Bond 46BSBIE0708; IL 441.000576; TX17439.
  • Brent Lewis: CA Bond 46BSBID9434; TX 17881.
  • Elyse Luray: NYC 2015375.
  • Carolyn Mani: CA Bond CMS0328759.
  • Jennifer Marsh: CA Bond LSM0592983; FL AU4561; IL 441.001991; NYC 2009623; PA AU006116; TX 17105.
  • Marina Medina: CA Bond LSM 0744324; TX 17512.
  • Sarah Miller: FL AU5068; NYC 2090818; TX 18098.
  • Paul Minshull: CA Bond LSM0605473; FL AU4563; IL 441002067; NYC 2001161; TX 16591.
  • Scott Peterson: CA Bond LSM0594796; IL 441001659; NYC 1306933; TX 13256.
  • Mike Provenzale: TX 17157.
  • Samantha Robinson: TX 18104.
  • Michael J. Sadler: CA Bond LSM0737853; FL AU3795; IL 441-001478; NYC 1304630; PA AU006123; TX 16129.
  • Barry Sandoval: CA Bond LSM0857626; IL 441002366; TX 17649.
  • Nathan Schar: TX 17365.
  • Kimberly Serrano: CA Bond CMS0328793; TX 17657.
  • Tracy Sherman: CA Bond LSM0902116; NYC 2092801.
  • Anthony Singleton: TX 17507.
  • Rebecca Van Norman: FL AU5073; TX 18103.
  • Andrea Voss: CA Bond 46BSBID6777; FL AU4034; NYC 1320558; PA AU006133; TX 16406.
  • Jacob Walker: TX 16413.
  • Brian Wiedman: TX 17894.
  • Adam Williams: CA Bond LSM1157374; TX 17893.
  • Phillip Wooten: CA Bond LSM0926658; TX 17656.

For auctions held outside of, TX, NY, CA, IL, FL and PA, as may be applicable, please refer to the specific auction catalog.

State Notices:

Notice as to an Auction in California: Auctioneer has in compliance with Title 2.95 of the California Civil Code as amended October 11, 1993, Sec. 1812.600, posted with the California Secretary of State its bonds for it and its employees, and the auction is being conducted in compliance with Sec. 2338 of the Commercial Code and Sec. 535 of the Penal Code. If and only if the Consignor resides in California and the auction occurs in California, for certain artists as required under the California Royalty Act a 5% royalty may be deducted from your proceeds.

Notice as to an Auction in New York City: This Auction is conducted in accord with the applicable sections of the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs Rules and Regulations as Amended. This a Public Auction Sale conducted by Auctioneer. The New York City Auctioneers conducting the sale of behalf of Heritage Auctions No. 1364738-DCA ("Auctioneer") are licensed Auctioneers as listed above and as posted at the venue site. All lots are subject to: the consignor's right to bid thereon and consignor's option to receive advances on their consignments. Auction may offer, in its sole discretion, advances on consignments and extended financing to registered bidders, in accord with Auctioneer's internal credit standards. Auctioneer will disclose to bidders, upon request, a list of lots subject to an advance, reserve, guarantee, or Auctioneer's financial interests of any kind. All Terms and Conditions of Sale are available at and in the printed catalog, including term #21 which states: Consignor, auctioneer's affiliates and, its employees may bid on their lots or other lots for their own account in accordance with the laws of New York and they may have information as to the lots not available to the public. On lots bearing an estimate, the term refers to a value range placed on an item by the Auctioneer in its sole opinion but the final price is determined by the bidders.

Notice as to an Auction in Texas: In compliance with TDLR rule 67.100(c)(1), notice is hereby provided that this auction is covered by a Recovery Fund administered by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, P.O. Box 12157, Austin, Texas 78711 (512) 463-2906. Any complaints may be directed to the same address.

Beer & Wine Licenses
Heritage Collectibles, Inc. DBA Heritage Auctions
State of California Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control
Alcoholic Beverage License Off-Sale Beer and Wine:
Type Number Dup 20 500195
License Serial #75142
Alcoholic Beverage License Beer and Wine Wholesaler
Type Number Dup 17 500195
License Serial #75141

Auction Licenses
CA Bond LSM0818768; LSM0889114; LSM0889990
FL AB2218; FL AB665
IL 444-000370
New York City License 1364738 and NYC Second Hand Dealers License 1364739