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Allosaurus Vs Stegosaurus --- The Fighting Pair

Fighting Pair

In the spring of 2007, the team from Dinosauria International LLC made an exciting discovery in Wyoming: virtually complete skeletons of an Allosaurus and a Stegosaurus. The deadly carnivore and armored herbivore were suspected of having fought pitched battles across the savannahs of Upper Jurassic North America, but never before had they been found together. Here at last was proof not only of their co-existence, but an actual preservation of their combat. The Stegosaur was named "Fantasia" after the scene in the classic Disney film. The Allosaurus was named "Dracula" for its bristling mouthful of deadly teeth.

In our June 2011 auction you will have a unique opportunity to own this unprecedented find: two incredibly well-preserved iconic dinosaurs identified as rare species of well-known genera and found in association in the oldest and least explored stratigraphic zone of a famous and historically important American geological formation. Their early age give insight into the development and evolution of Jurassic dinosaurs in North America and their association gives them historic scientific significance.

The Fighting Pair
Allosaurus "Jimmadsoni" and Hesperosaurus (Stegosaurus) mjosi
Upper Jurassic Period, Kimmeridgian Stage, 155 million years old
Morrison Formation
Dana Quarry, Ten Sleep, Washakie County, Wyoming, USA
The stegosaurus: approximately 8 x 15 feet
The allosaurus: approximately 8 x 17.5 feet

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The Fighting Pair --- at the Heard Natural Science Museum
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Fantasia (Stegosaurus) and Dracula (Allosaurus) will be on display at the Heard Museum Starting Saturday July 10 th .

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