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Zevs (French)



Who is painter Zevs?

Zevs is a street and graffiti artist from France who is most famous for developing the “liquidation” technique. His artist name comes from a near-accident Zevs had with the Zeus train while working on a piece in the metro tunnels. Zevs is now considered one of the founders of the French street art, alongside other luminaries like Andre and Invader -- something that is often borne out in the value of his art to collectors. Relative to his peers, Zevs was a latecomer to the traditional art world. He didn’t have his first major exhibition until 2007 at the Lazarides Gallery and then again at the Carlsberg Glypotek in Copenhagen a year later. In 2009 Zevs had his first solo exhibition at the Art Statements gallery in Hong Kong.

It’s only recently that Zevs work has been displayed in Paris (outside of the obvious graffiti work that covers much of Paris). Zevs’ work has been featured in an exhibition at the Chateau de Vincennes in Paris. He also mounted a large exhibition at the De Buck Gallery. Zevs work has become highly collectible, thanks in large part to his irreverent take on the logos of commercial and financial institutions.

What kind of art does Zevs make?

Zevs is best known for his graffiti art and street art, which often is satirical with strong elements of black humor. His work can often be surreal or bizarre. One of Zevs best known street art campaigns was “Electric Shadows” in the early 2000s, which featured paint around commonplace objects on the street that was invisible during the day, but was day-glo at night. He is also famous for his “Visual Kidnapping” pieces which appeared in Berlin at the Alexanderplatz. This work has been co-opted by political movements and inspired activism both in Germany and abroad. Zevs often defaces billboards for fashion lines to make it look as if the models have been attacked or shot. Zevs is perhaps best known for his Liquidated Logos. In this project, Zevs distorts the logos of famous brands.

How did painter Zevs get started?

Zevs was born in 1977 in Saverne France. Not much is known about his childhood, but his work began to appear on the streets of Paris sometime in the early 1990s. During this time, he had a near-accident with the Zeus train, which is where his name came from. One of his early techniques was called “reverse graffiti” where he would strip a dirty wall to better showcase its clean aspects. In 1999 he teamed with Invader to cover the city of Montpellier with their signature graffiti art. Only two years later it would be shown at the Galerie Agnes B in the same city. By 2001 Zevs finally began receiving widespread acclaim thanks in large part to his “Visual Attacks” project which featured a dripping wound that was spray-painted onto the models of several iconic advertising billboards.

How much are Zevs paintings worth?

Zevs pieces can sell for a few thousand dollars all the way up to seventy-five thousand for major works. Zevs has become more popular with collectors thanks to his mixture of irreverent humor, social commentary, and biting satire. The most ever paid for a Zevs painting at auction was $75,440 for the piece Illuminated Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Grand Odalisque (2012) on October 24th, 2018. All of his other large sales are from his popular, “Liquidated Logos” series, the biggest of these being the Supreme logo which sold for $63,370 on May 16th, 2018. 

Where to buy Zevs paintings for sale?

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How to value Zevs paintings?

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