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Norman Rockwell (American, 1894-1978)


Also known as:  Rockwell, Norman Perceval

Birth Place: New York, NY USA


How much are original Norman Rockwell paintings worth?

Norman Rockwell was one of the United States’ most important painters of the 20th century, and as such his paintings are worth commensurately large amounts. Major Norman Rockwell works routinely can sell for tens of millions of dollars, while even his lesser-known paintings sell routinely for six figures. The most ever paid for a Norman Rockwell painting at auction is $46,085,000 for the piece Saying Grace (1951) on December 4th, 2013. This was over double its high estimate, demonstrating that Rockwell pieces are still extremely popular, even with high-end collectors. 

Who was Norman Rockwell? 

Norman Rockwell was a popular portrait artist whose work is best known through his cover art for the Saturday Evening Post. His work is often noted for its humor, its sense of family and place, and its populist tones of “the good old days.” His political and social commentary became more apparent during the latter part of his career, and he began to receive greater recognition as an artist when he contributed to several projects condemning racism and stressing the importance of integration for the younger generations. His influence on society remains memorialized not only through his paintings but also the publications, advertisements, and literature that exposed his body of work to a wider audience and allowed the greater public to appreciate what he had to say.

How did Norman Rockwell get started?

Born in New York City on February 3, 1894, Norman Rockwell began his illustrious career at a young age, receiving his first commission to paint Christmas cards at sixteen and illustrating his first book just the following year. Rockwell’s artwork made its debut on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post on May 20, 1916, becoming his first of 323 covers that would be published by the iconic American magazine over the next 47 years. Accordingly, his success with The Post captured the attention of other publications including Life, Judge and Leslie’s, and the young artist enjoyed a fruitful income throughout the 1920s. He received commissions from household names such as Jell-O, Boy Scouts of America and Orange Crush soda, among others.

What was Norman Rockwell famous for?

Norman Rockwell was famous for his paintings which frequently graced the cover of The Saturday Evening Post, an extremely popular arts and culture magazine, that in its heyday had a circulation number of over 3 million copies. Rockwell’s bucolic portraits were extremely popular, mixing humor, slice-of-life, and a surprising knack for capturing facial expressions. This combination of technical skill, populist subject matter, and entertainment led to Norman Rockwell becoming one of the most famous artists of his generation. 

What kind of art did Norman Rockwell make?

Norman Rockwell made illustrations and paintings, most often for commercial use. His art was frequently used by the Saturday Evening Post, Life Magazine, and several other notable publications. His work also featured in several major advertisements, including a notable campaign for the Heinz Company’s Pork’n Beans. While initially panned by critics, Rockwell eventually became quite respected by the art community -- and by the end of his life was one of America’s most beloved painters. His commemorative plates in the 1970s are still held as cherished possessions by many of the families who bought them. 

Buy Norman Rockwell paintings for sale

Browse Norman Rockwell paintings for sale below. At Heritage Auctions, you can bid online about a month prior to the auction date, and during live auctions, you can bid online, in person or over the phone. You can even make an offer to the owner who previously purchased a Norman Rockwell painting. Watch for new paintings from Norman Rockwell by saving a want list so you’ll be notified of any new works for sale.

Why buy original Norman Rockwell paintings from Heritage Auctions? 

Art buyers feel confident because our experts know the market and put careful valuations on the artwork for sale. We make the bidding process easy to help expand your art collection.

How to lookup Norman Rockwell’s original painting values

The best way to value art is to compare past auction prices for similar works. At Heritage Auctions our final selling prices remain visible for all to see, including any buyer’s premiums paid. View Norman Rockwell's past sale prices below. 

Where to get an appraisal for Norman Rockwell art?

The first step in any art valuation is authentication. If you are unsure of the authenticity of the artwork, then Heritage Auctions art experts can help. When you’re ready to sell, contact Heritage Auctions to request an estimate of the likely selling price at auction. If you need a formal written appraisal for estate planning or insurance, please contact our Appraisal Services Department.

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