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Jean-Pierre Cassigneul (French, b.1935)


Birth Place: France


You’d be forgiven if you thought that Jean-Pierre Cassigneul was one of the master post-impressionists from over a century ago. His work, typically portraits of women in flower gardens, harkens back to those masters. It may be surprising then that this french painter is still alive and creating some of his best work as of 2019. Educated at the famed Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Cassigneul turned his eye back to a simpler time for his inspiration.

Cassigneul’s paintings have found a large audience, thanks in large part to his aesthetic choices. Muted blues and breathtaking greens give the viewer a portal back to the time of the early French masters like Gauguin or Monet. No matter when it's from, a Cassignuel is a beautiful piece to own, stately and idyllic. HIs pieces have come up to auction more in recent years -- a fairly current painting sold for over $800,000. The timelessness of his work makes for art that should appreciate well for the savy collector. 

What type of art does Jean-Pierre Cassigneul make?

Jean-Pierre Cassignuel is a French painter whose post-impressionist portraits typically feature women in hats. Though he was born in 1935 in Paris, his work conjures up comparisons to artists from over a century before he was born. Often working with a muted palette, his paintings of women in repose often have a dreamy or surrealistic bent. 

How often do Jean-Pierre Cassigneul paintings sell at auction?

Jean-Pierre paintings come up fairly often, but there is only one upcoming listing for his art as of September 2019. His work is popular with collectors for its timelessness and for the fact that it fits well in most settings. Some of his major works are quite valuable, and as such go for tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, those pieces rarely come up for auction.

How much is a Jean-Pierre Cassigneul piece worth?

A minor work by Jean-Pierre Cassigneul could be had for as little as $300 USD, but his major works trend in the $500,000-$1,000,000 range. A painting of a woman in fur entitled Le Manteau de fourrure (1967) sold for just $900 only seven years ago, though conversely, Dans la Roseraie (1975) sold for $893,000 in 2013. 

Which Jean-Pierre Cassigneul painting is the most valuable? 

Dans la Roseraie (1975) is considered Jean-Pierre Cassigneul’s most valuable painting. It sold at auction in 2013 for $893,000. Although it was painted in the 1970s, it harkens back to earlier french masters like Gauguin or Monet. In the piece, a tall woman in a hat stands in a field of flowers with her hand on her hip. 

What are the most famous paintings by Jean-Pierre Cassigneul? 

Without a doubt, Dans la Roseraie (1975) is Jean-Pierre Cassigneul’s most famous painting. Many fans also came to Cassigneul through his illustrations for the popular book Le Tour de Malheur by Joseph Kessel. Le Col de Renard (2017), La Roseraie (1970), and Les amoureux sur un banc (1980) are also great examples of the prototypical Jean-Pierre Cassigneul.

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