Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot


Nationality: French

Birth Place: Paris (Ville de Paris department, île-de-France, France)

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot was a French portrait and landscape painter. In etching, he was also a printmaker. He was born July 16, 1796 at 125 Rue du Bac in Paris, France. Corot was Barbizon school of France's top painter during the mid-nineteenth century. He was a huge influence in the field of landscape painting. His work is well known for referencing the Neo-Classical traditions while anticipating impressionistic plein-air innovations. Corot's painting style grew increasingly impressionistic and gave him the recognition of an important French artist in the mid-1850s. Unlike most of colleagues, Corot's family ran their business and invested well so he was never without money. Until Corot's parents passed away, he had very close ties with them.

While he experienced great appreciation and success among collectors, artists and some critics, he was still considered to be a neglected artist. Many artists that followed Corot's works called themselves Corot's pupils. Some the most well known followers were Antoine Chintreuil, Alexander Defaux, Camille Pissarro, and Charles Le Roux.

Some of Corot's well known pieces include "Woman with a Pearl" from 1868-70 located at Musee du Louvre, "The Bridge at Narni" from 1826 an oil on paper located at the Musee du Lourve also. Corot created a buzz in 1835 with his "Agar dans le desert" painting of Hagar in the wilderness. It depicted Sarah's handmaiden, Hagar, and Ishmael the child saved by an angel while they are in the desert dying of thirst. Additionally, two of his pieces are featured in and are important parts of the French movie L'Heure d'ete.


Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot Original Art Values Sold at Auction

Item Realized
JEAN-BAPTISTE-CAMILLE COROT (French, 1796-1875) Le Vallon des Chevres (Souvenir du Lac de Garde), circa 1872 Oil on pa...
JEAN-BAPTISTE-CAMILLE COROT (French, 1796-1875)Le Vallon des Chevres (Souvenir du Lac de Garde), circa 1872Oil on pa...
Lot 64053
Auction 5096
Tuesday, May 15, 2012
JEAN-BAPTISTE-CAMILLE COROT (French 1796 - 1875) La Tour dans les Arbres, circa 1865 Oil on panel 7-3/4 x 9-7/8 inche
JEAN-BAPTISTE-CAMILLE COROT (French 1796 - 1875)La Tour dans les Arbres, circa 1865Oil on panel7-3/4 x 9-7/8 inche...
Lot 25017
Auction 638
Friday, November 10, 2006
JEAN-BAPTISTE-CAMILLE COROT (French, 1796-1875) La Tour dans les Arbres (The Tower in the Trees) Oil on panel 8 x 10
JEAN-BAPTISTE-CAMILLE COROT (French, 1796-1875)La Tour dans les Arbres (The Tower in the Trees)Oil on panel8 x 10 ...
Lot 63037
Auction 5002
Friday, November 21, 2008
JEAN-BAPTISTE-CAMILLE COROT (French, 1796-1875) Italian Landscape (Reclining Female Nude on verso) Pencil on paper 7-
JEAN-BAPTISTE-CAMILLE COROT (French, 1796-1875)Italian Landscape (Reclining Female Nude on verso)Pencil on paper7-...
Lot 64069
Auction 5062
Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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