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Jacob Kjaer (Danish, 1896-1957)


Also known as:  Jacob Kjær

Birth Place: Denmark


Who is furniture maker Jacob Kjaer?

Jacob Kjaer was a Danish furniture designer and cabinetmaker. His work in the first half of the 20th century helped establish Danish furniture-making as some of the best in the world. Jacob Kjaer was extremely well-traveled, learning techniques from some of the best around the world -- but his foundation always came from his father, who was a prized furniture designer in his own right. Kjaer’s pieces were highly in demand throughout his life and continue to be that way since his death over a half-century ago.

Kjaer was well regarded by his peers and critics. His biggest success was the FN Chair which was designed for use at the UN Building in New York. Though many of Kjaer’s pieces have a classical aesthetic, the FN chair is notable in its sleek, modern design. Initially produced by Jacob Kjaer Studios, its production was taken over by Christensen & Larsen for many years. Today, the company Kitani makes a reproduction that is extremely popular. Kjaer’s success led him to become the president of the Danish Cabinetmakers Guild from 1952 up until his death in 1957. He was also the president of the Danish Arts and Crafts Committee for Exports from 1944 up until his death.

What kind of art does Jacob Kjaer make?

Jacob Kjaer was an expert craftsman and furniture maker whose sleek, classical designs became extremely popular in the 1930s and remained in the public eye for over twenty years. Influenced heavily by classical English Style, his Danish take on the artform led to clean, beautiful designs that felt more modern than their English counterparts. His early works were given the privilege of being exhibited at the Barcelona World Exhibition in 1929, which led to an explosion in popularity for the young cabinetmaker and furniture designer. Kjaer’s pieces are extremely popular to this day, with many of his designs still produced by the Japanese company, Kitani. He was a vanguard of the Danish Modern Design movement.

How did furniture designer Jacob Kjaer get started?

Jacob Kjaer was born in 1896 in Denmark. The son of a cabinetmaker and furniture designer, Kjaer received training at a young age by studying in his father’s workshop. While that time left an obvious impression on the boy, he soon continued his studies around the world, with stops in Berlin and Paris for broader training and artistic influence. His big breakthrough came at the Barcelona World Exhibition in 1929 when his simple, beautiful work was shown to the world for the first time. The young designer then opened his own studio, making revolutionary and beautiful pieces for the next two and a half decades, influencing an entire generation of artists and furniture makers and becoming a vanguard of the Danish modern furniture movement.

How much are Jacob Kjaer pieces worth?

Jacob Kjaer pieces can be worth anywhere from $1,000 for a single piece to more than $60,000 for a set of 16 chairs. Currently, a pair of easy chairs in Mahogany by Jacob Kjaer sells for approximately $8,400 online. The most ever paid for a Jacob Kjaer piece at a Heritage Auction is $1,000 for a single 1955 teak and leather armchair. It was sold on October 13th, 2020.

Where to buy Jacob Kjaer pieces for sale?

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How to value Jacob Kjaer pieces?

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