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Igor Mitoraj (Polish, 1944-2014)


Birth Place: Oederan, Germany


Igor Mitoraj was a Polish artist and sculpture whose classically Greek-influenced sculptures are featured at parks and public spaces around the world. Born in Germany, Mitoraj grew up in Poland, attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and studying under the great sculptor Tadeusz Kantor. In the decades to follow, Mitoraj would immigrate to Paris where he would enroll at the world-renown Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts

Mitoraj was famous for his exacting style. He made sure all of the stone that came to his studio was quarried locally. While his work is influenced by classical aesthetics, it would be unfair to say that they feel stiff or old. The emotion and pathos imbued in every Mitoraj sculpture make it feel as real and vibrant as any contemporary work. 

What type of sculptures did Igor Mitoraj Create?

Igor Mitoraj is an artist best known for his sculptures and large public installations. His work focuses on the human body with an aesthetic decidedly influenced by Greek classical works. His work is extremely emotionally evocative, a conscious decision by the artist who famously said “I feel that a piece of arm or a leg speak far more strongly than a whole body.” 

How often do Igor Mitoraj sculptures sell at auction?

Mitoraj pieces come up for sale often since his death in 2014. At the current time of writing, there were over 450 Mitoraj pieces at auction. Many of these are small bronze busts, patinated silver alloys, and even marble statues. Mitoraj also has a number of smaller signed lithographs that can go for significantly less money. 

How much is an Igor Mitoraj sculpture worth?

There is a huge range for Igor Mitoraj pieces, which is usually reflected by the scale of the work. Large-scale sculptures and public installations can sell in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. A large sculpture sold at a 2016 auction for $165,000 USD. The market for a Mitoraj is extremely reasonable and his work still appreciates well. Mitoraj’s smaller pieces are great to buy for novice collectors. 

Which Igor Mitoraj sculpture is the most valuable? 

D Nudo (2003) sold at auction for $165,000 USD in 2014. It is estimated to be worth about $250,000 today. It’s a headless sculpture in the classical Greek style, made of patinated bronze, it exhibits many defining traits of a Mitoraj piece. Many of Mitoraj’s other works are hard to assess because of their size and because owners tend to hold on to them once acquired.

What are the most famous sculptures by Igor Mitoraj? 

Igor Mitoraj’s most famous piece is Testa Addormentata (1983). It’s a large-scale sculpture of a woman’s bandaged head. It’s currently located on Canary Wharf in London. Some of Mitoraj’s other famous sculptures include Eros Bendato (1999) in St. Louis, Luci di Nara (2014), Tindaro Screpolato (1997). Many famous museums, parks, and public spaces around the world are lucky enough to count a Mitoraj in their collection

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