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FAILE (American)


Birth Place: Edmonton, Alberta Canada


Who is the painter FAILE?

FAILE is a collaboration between Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller. Since 1999, they have worked together on many different multi-media pieces of art. Though these pieces have taken different forms, almost all have a mixture of “high” and “low” art that requires audience participation. Many pieces also incorporate popular religious, architectural, and artistic iconography. They came up around the same time as other street artist visionaries like Shepard Fairey, BAST, and Banksy. 

One of their biggest exhibitions, and one that led them into the mainstream, was Spank the Monkey, which brought together famed members of both the fine art and graffiti art communities. FAILE’s work, a series of 12 pieces entitled War Profitees used photographs, newspaper, and other texts to depict the unjust 2006 Lebanon war. This marked a huge turning point for urban art, which finally began to be accepted as gallery-level art, becoming a part of the mainstream art world. 

What kind of art does FAILE make?

FAILE makes mixed-media collage, art books, and multimedia installations. Their exhibits often incorporate well-known iconographies from the religious and architectural worlds. Their work is often political, critiquing pop culture, social norms, and unjust wars. Their embrace of punk and hip-hop aesthetics has tied them to street art, though their success has translated into more mainstream gallery art as well. 

While their art can be considered to be political, it’s often left open to interpretation in way that many other social and political critiques often avoid. The meaning of their work is often obscured or recontextualized depending upon where it’s viewed and when it has entered the public discourse. Above all else, they have sought to inspire beauty, wonder, and creativity in a world that has seen these disappear in the early decades of the twenty-first century. 

How did painter FAILE get started?

FAILE began when Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller met during childhood in Arizona. It wouldn’t be until a fateful reunion in New York City many decades later when they would start to work together to realize a common artistic vision. McNeil and Miller’s shared love of pop culture, multimedia, and public space art became the basis for which FAILE would operate. During their early years, they brought in Aiko Nakagawa, a Japanese filmmaker, who contributed to many of FAILE’s early projects. Their work was brought to national prominence in 2006, but they’ve continued to remain in the public eye for ensuing decades thanks largely to their trademark mix of high and low art. 

How much are FAILE’s paintings worth?

FAILE’s pieces have a large range, with minor pieces selling for just a few hundred dollars, while more major works commanding as much as $200,000 at auction. They have an extensive auction history, especially compared to many other urban artists, with over 250 appearing at auction as of 2020. Their highest price ever commanded at auction was for the piece Shanghai 18, (2006) an acrylic and Screenprinted multi-media piece which sold for $206,030 in 2008. FAILE’s work continues to rise in popularity making it a great investment for prospective art collectors. 

Where to buy FAILE’s paintings for sale?

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How to value FAILE’s paintings?

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