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Emmanuel Mane-Katz (Ukrainian, 1894-1962)


Also known as:  Mane-Katz; Kats, Mané

Birth Place: Kremenchug (Poltava oblast, Ukraine)


Who is painter Emmanuel Mane-Katz?

Emmanuel Mane-Katz was a French painter best known for his impressionist paintings of life in a Jewish Shtetl. These paintings were informed by Mane-Katz’s own life, with his formative years spent living in Ukraine before a move to Paris at age 19. Mane-Katz was friends with many of the twentieth century’s greatest artists, including Pablo Picasso. This gave his work a large audience and helped him gain worldwide fame, despite the fact that his paintings were highly specialized.

Emmanuel Mane-Katz won many awards in his lifetime. His 1931 painting, The Wailing Wall won the gold medal at the Paris World’s Fair. His work was prized in Israel. Four years before his death, the mayor of Haifa provided the aged artist with a large building on Mt. Carmel to house his life’s work. His pieces still hang in the Mane Katz Museum in Haifa to this day. Additionally, several of Mane-Katz’s paintings hang in the Glitzenstein Museum, which houses some of the most prized paintings by Israeli artists, especially those active in the 1950s and 1960s.

What kind of art did Emmanuel Mane-Katz make?

Emmanuel Mane-Katz was a painter whose work evolved greatly over his lifetime, but whose subjects stayed the same. Mane-Katz depicted Jewish life, culture, and its people for his entire career. He is thought to have painted several hundred portraits of Rabbis, and his work using Jewish symbolism has given his work a large audience -- especially in Israel. Though Mane-Katz work mostly centers around his Judaism, he is also a classically trained French painter. He was closely associated with the famed School of Paris and was friends with Pablo Picasso. Many refer to Mane-Katz and his fellow Jewish artists from this time as The Jewish School of Paris.

How did painter Emmanuel Mane-Katz get started?

Emmanuel Mane-Katz was born to a poor Jewish family in the tiny town of Kremenchuk, Ukraine. Not much is known of Mane-Katz’s early life, but around the age of 19, he moved to Paris. While his father wanted him to become a Rabbi, the young artist instead chose to focus on his painting. After a brief period in Russia after the First World War, he returned to Kremenchuk, where he taught painting classes for nearly two years. The region proved to be unstable and Mane-Katz returned to Paris at the age of 27. This would prove to be a pivotal moment, he became a member of the fledgling art movement the School of Paris. His first success came when his painting, The Wailing Wall won the gold medal at the Paris World’s Fair in 1931.

How much are Emmanuel Mane-Katz paintings worth?

Emmanuel Mane-Katz has a wide range of value to his art, from just a few hundred dollars for a charcoal sketch to over $200,000 for a major painting. The most ever paid for an Emmanuel Mane-Katz painting at auction is $225,770 for the piece Wedding (date not given) which sold on June 19th, 2013. This was near twice its high estimate price, but it seems to be anything but an outlier. Several of Mane-Katz’s paintings have sold for at or near that same amount, with three selling for over $200,000 since 2011.

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How to value Emmanuel Mane-Katz paintings?

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