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Clément Massier (French, 1835-1917)



Who is ceramicist Clement Massier?

Clement Massier was a 19th-century ceramicist whose work helped to popularize Hispano-Moresque style pottery. His work with better luster glazes, etching, and even painting made him extremely popular during his lifetime. His experimentations helped to push ceramics further in his lifetime than any other single ceramicist during that time. The Massier factory in France (run by Clement and his brothers) was known for their seven variations on standard form patterns, but it would be his metallic luster glaze that became his calling card. Massier helped bring international influences to European ceramics and is remembered as one of the biggest creative forces in 19th-century ceramics.

What kind of art did Clement Massier make?

Clement Massier was a ceramicist whose advancements in glazes as well as his openness to international influences helped propel French ceramics into the 20th century. He is considered the creator of the iridescent ceramic glaze, thanks to the metallic luster that he gave many of his custom pieces. Massier discovered that by using silver and copper oxide, he could create amazingly colored iridescent glazes that commanded the eye’s attention. He worked tirelessly with his brothers as well as the other great French ceramicist, Lucien Levy-Dhurmer to explore techniques and expand their catalog. Eventually, they became known as the pre-eminent source of premium ceramics for much of Western Europe.

How did ceramicist Clement Massier get started?

Clement Massier was born into the world of ceramics. His great-grandfather, Pierre Massier started their family ceramic business right before the start of the French Revolution. Clement apprenticed under his father starting at the age of eight or nine. At the age of fifteen, he was able to work under the tutelage of Gaetano Gandolfi, the master Italian ceramicist. While the family business continued to produce good work, it wouldn’t be until Clement his brother Delphin’s experiments that they really began to set themselves apart from other work at that time. Eventually, a rivalry developed between the two brothers, resulting in two separate ceramic factories built in 1883.

How much are Clement Massier pieces worth?

Clement Massier pieces are extremely valuable to ceramics collectors and antique fanatics the world over. While you may be able to find one of Massier’s “variations” pieces for a few hundred dollars, many are worth a few thousand or more. The most ever paid at auction for a Clement Massier vase is $12,500 for the piece Monumental floor vase with liner (1901) which sold on June 9th, 2019. Massier’s later works are considered highly collectible thanks to his use of metallic glazes. He was the first to ever use this technique.

Where to buy Clement Massier ceramics for sale?

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How to value Clement Massier ceramics?

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