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Alfred de Bréanski (British, 1852-1928)


Also known as:  Breanski, Alfred de I; De Breanski, Alfred; Breanski, Alfred de, Sr.; Breanski, Alfred de, Senior; Alfred de Breanski

Birth Place: Greenwich (Greater London, England, United Kingdom)


Born in Greenwich England, Alfred de Breanski is a famed British landscape painter whose use of light and lush green landscapes to paint the Irish and Welsh countrysides have captivated the world since the 1870s. Unlike many of his peers, Breanski was never afraid to travel to the desolate, isolated wilderness of rural England -- often resulting in one-of-a-kind paintings that harken back to the ideals of British Romanticism of an earlier generation. These are powerful landscapes, imbued with the power of the sublime, often dwarfing any man-made object or building. 

While his philosophy may have been best represented by the British Romantics, much of his work brings to mind the aesthetics of the Hudson River school, which was happening just across the Atlantic for much of Breanski’s career. But where those paintings can be seen by some (perhaps uncharitably) as overly-sentimental, the supreme realism of a Breanski ensures that his pieces are full of emotion, but never resort to sentimentality. This delicate balance ensures that each Branski piece is wholly original and instantly recognizable -- the mark of a true master. 

What type of art does Alfred de Breanski create?

Alfred de Breanski was an English painter best known for his soaring landscape paintings of the Irish and Welsh countrysides. His panoramic vistas of Wales are instantly recognizable thanks to his fascination with the texture of rocks and foliage. That, combined with a mastery of the painting of light give his Realist landscapes a vividness that is seldom matched and never bested. 

How often do Alfred de Breanski's paintings come up for auction?

Breanski’s work was highly sought after by collectors, museums, and galleries alike -- making his appearance at auction a relatively rare event. With his career already established during his lifetime, this demand has only increased with the passing years. While the estimates on much of his work available at auction are reasonable, a Breanski painting is always a point of pride in even the most prestigious art collections. 

How much is an Alfred de Breanski painting worth?

Alfred de Breanski’s paintings typically sell in the mid-tens of thousands of dollars ($30,000 - $60,000) with statistical outliers on either side. Typically, the Breanski paintings with the most value are ones that exhibit his best aesthetic choices with regard to light and scenery (the Irish highlands at dawn, an English sunset). 

Which Alfred de Breanski painting is the most valuable? 

The highest price ever paid for an Alfred de Breanski painting is $77,640 which has happened three times, all at the same auction. The first, Lochnagar (unknown date) is a quintessential Breanski, with pillowy clouds hanging serenely above an ancient Irish lake. The second, Old Inverlochy (unknown date) is another landscape, this time of a glen at sunset. The third is The glow of the setting sun (Unknown date)

What are the most famous paintings by Alfred de Breanski? 

Besides the two previously mentioned, there are a number of Alfred de Breanski paintings that have gained widespread acclaim and recognition. A Shoulder of Ben Nevis (Unknown date), A sutherlandshire lake at sunset; Loch Shin, Sutherlandshire (a pair) (unknown date), and Loch Lomond and Loch Katrine (unknown date) all are great examples of Breanski’s aesthetics. 

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